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Madhur Jaffrey Masterclass Review: Learn Indian Cooking

While you may think Indian takeout is a tasty treat, it pales in comparison to authentic home-cooked cuisine.

And really, I can’t think of anyone better to learn the practice from than the woman who has been credited with bringing this cuisine to the Western hemisphere. 

This Madhur Jaffrey teaches Indian meal courses and has published over 12 amazing cookbooks for some of the most mouthwatering meals you’ll ever try and has appeared on our tv screens plenty of times.

And when it comes to the world of flavor and spices, she is the greatest living authority and an adventurous cook with a fame award who will teach you to cook everyday meals with vibrant flavor and layer spices.

There is absolutely no argument over whether or not Jaffrey can cook. It’s undebatable and undeniable. Oh yes, she can. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she can teach.

I wanted to know if Madhur Jaffrey truly had the ability to teach even a true novice like me how to cook up some delicious Indian meals, so I jumped at the chance to review this course.

So let’s take a look at this Madhur Jaffrey Masterclass review and know how good this Indian cooking masterclass course is and where you can learn the vast and storied traditions!


Who’s It For?

This Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian cookery course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain some new cooking skills specifically tailored to authentic Indian cuisine.

Regardless of your cooking level, I think this class welcomes everyone. Beginners don’t feel afraid to embark on this course, you are walked through everything you’ll need to know.

What To Expect

Throughout the duration of this course, you’ll discover so many new recipes as well as how to play around with certain spices and Indian flavors.

Jaffrey teaches Indian cooking with a lot more culinary traditions and hopefully after some practice a nice full belly too. 

What’s Good?

It’s very visual and often feels like you’re watching a personal cooking show. You can download a load of different recipes and learn a lot about the chef and Indian cooking in general. 

What’s Bad?

There’s basically no interactivity in the course, you’ll spend most of your time just observing and I don’t think the course has a proper conclusion. 

How Long Is The Course?

There are 12 videos that span two hours and 26 minutes. 

Lesson Breakdown 

Meet Your Instructor

In your first lesson, you’ll learn quite a lot about your new instructor. How she built her success and produced a very impressive collection of cookbooks.

She also sets out objectives for the course and what you can expect to gain from the course. 

Spice Fundamentals: Roasted Cumin & Garam Masala

In this lesson, you learn about the importance of spices and how they can be used to create depth in a meal. The spices are compared to paints, and how different actions can create different shades. 

Exploring Spices: Potato A Thousand Ways

Using a simple boiled potato, Madhur emphasizes the importance and impact of certain spices. You’ll observe how four different spices can create a whole different kind of potato dish. 

Demystifying Curry: Goan Shrimp

There may be more to curry than you think. And Jaffrey will debunk many curry myths in this lesson.

You’ll have access to three delicious recipes that challenge the typical curry convention. 

South Asian Meats: Aloo Gosht

In this lesson, you’ll get to watch Jaffrey create some delicious South Asian meals. From Aloo Goshy to lemony chicken, to lamb kebabs, this lesson is sure to get your stomach rumbling. 

Essential Indian Vegetables: Cauliflower With Asafetida & Cumin

Indian food is far from just a chicken tikka masala, and in this lesson, you’ll be walked through ways to create some amazing-tasting vegetarian Indian dishes.

The Magic Of Basmati Rice & Biryani

Madhur Jaffrey Masterclass Review: Learn Indian Cooking 1

Rice is a staple of not only Indian cuisine but culture too. You’ll learn how to cook like Indian cooks and present rice. And it sits beside a lamb biryani that looks amazing. 

Indian Breads: Chapati

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the many amazing Indian pieces of bread available while you are walked through how to create the classic chapati. 

Comforting Legumes: Dal

While lentils may not be something you always pick up from the grocery store, they are pivotal ingredients in many Indian dishes. In this lesson, you will learn how to create delicious dishes from dried lentils. 

Embellish Every Morsel: Tamarind Chutney (Condiments)

Is any Indian cuisine truly complete without a chutney tray? Obviously not. In this class, you’ll learn the correct way to prepare several authentic chutneys. 

Lip-Smakick Savory Street-Foods: Dahi Puri Chaat

Chaat is the name for street food in India, and there is no better recipe than the Aloo Puri Chat that you’ll be walked through in this section of the course.

It is so full of flavor and a definite must-try for when you’ve finished the course. 

An Indian Feast: Sample Menus

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about the senses. You’ll learn to eat with your hands as well as learn more about the dishes you’ve been taught in class. 

Pros Of The Course

Plenty Of History

You get to learn a lot about this famous instructor’s history, how she came to be, and the amazing things she has done in her life.

This is really interesting for any aspiring chef but is also great for personal fans of Jaffrey. 

Spice Knowledge

Not only do you get to see this amazing cookbook food writer cook so many tasty meals, she also provides you with a lot of rich knowledge about the spices that you are using that will be really influential in your future dishes. 

Cooking-Show Approach

If you like your lectures to feel a little more entertaining, then you’ll enjoy this course.

While you still get an influx of information, it also feels like you’re watching a cooking show which makes the course quite fun. 

Downloadable Recipes

All the recipes that you watch prepared in lessons can be downloaded so that you can try and replicate them yourself. Which you want to do because they are so delicious. 

Cons Of The Course

No Conclusion

I didn’t really like that there’s a last lesson and then that’s it. You’re just done and it’s finished.

Most masterclasses have a conclusion lesson that ties up everything you’ve learned and essentially says goodbye to the student.

Not having this made the course feeling as if it ended abruptly and it didn’t feel as personal without it. 

Little Interactivity

A lot of the classes on this platform try to get their students involved throughout the course at least in some way or another. I felt like with this course, you did just sit back and watch.

You do get the recipe downloads so you can get some practicality in your own time, but I just wish there was a little more activity for students throughout the course. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a whole load of new tasty recipes and to be walked through how to do them, then this course will be perfect for you.

You’ll also learn a lot of new knowledge about Indian cuisine along the way too. For aspiring chefs, this course will never be a bad option. 

With that being said, sometimes it just feels like an even more visual version of the cookbooks and recipes that are already available.

It’s worth a watch if you are passionate about your food, but I’m not sure how well it measures compared to some of the other courses available on the platform.

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