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LearnUpon Review

LearnUpon Review (Complete Review 2023)

Creating your own E-learning content to be shared online can be quite a daunting and difficult endeavor, especially for anyone with no experience in doing so.

But what if there were platforms that made it easier to develop E-learning content that helps to get your knowledge out into the world, and makes learning much easier for people across the internet?

Luckily, thanks to platforms like LearnUpon, this is actually much easier than you may think!

These platforms are designed not only to help you design and cater your E-learning content to specific audiences but also help you to create content that is incredibly engaging. 

But is LearnUpon actually worth the cost of entry? Is it any better than some of the many other platforms that offer a similar experience and a similar set of tools?

Let’s find out together in this LearnUpon Review! 

Join us below, because we are going to look to find out exactly what is so great about LearnUpon, and whether you should consider investing in the platform yourself!

What Is LearnUpon?

Many businesses, both online and in-person have begun turning to online tools to host their training materials, to ensure that all employees receive the same training that is of high quality and that is consistent across the board.

Where businesses in the past may have made use of video training, many modern businesses are choosing to turn to the power of the internet to make training more accessible.

But how is this training content made? And how does such informative training material make it onto the internet? Through platforms like LearnUpon!

These platforms are designed to make it easy for businesses to cater their own training materials to specific industries, and to specific potential audiences.

Once that content is made, these platforms then allow the user to manage the content, see how well it is performing, and see how well employees are taking on the information presented in the content.

LearnUpon has been in the industry for over 10 years, which has allowed it to really pave the way and become an industry benchmark that other companies strive to match.

But how does LearnUpon actually compare when it comes to the competition? What makes it stand out?

What Makes LearnUpon Unique?

One of the things that really sets LearnUpon apart from the competition in its field is its many years of experience in the industry.

This has helped to ensure that LearnUpon has been able to survive well into the future and set a number of standards that others in the industry try their best to live up to.

This means that you can confidently sign up for a membership with LearnUpon, knowing that you will be receiving a service that is well worth the price of admission.

The years of experience that LearnUpon can lean on also means that they are able to offer top-notch customer support that stands well above the competition.

Where other platforms may take quite some time to respond to customer queries, LearnUpon endeavors to always provide support that is punctual, and that, most crucially of all, is always helpful and actionable. 

Many users who have signed up for LearnUpon have noted that the customer support team goes above and beyond and actually offers personally catered support based on your own goals, and shows you how you can best optimize and use the platform to help you to seek out those goals.

This is easily one of the things that makes LearnUpon such a unique platform in such a busy industry, and something that makes it a platform truly worthy of your attention.

No matter what, you can be sure that you will get a professional and personally-catered experience of the LearnUpon platform that will help you to create training content that goes above and beyond.

How Much Does LearnUpon Cost?

How Much Does LearnUpon Cost?

This is something that you will definitely need to consider if you are considering implementing LearnUpon into your business.

The basic membership plan for LearnUpon costs around $599 per month, and this plan allows 50 active users to be accessing your learning content at one time. 

The essential membership costs up to $999 every month and allows up to 250 active users to access your content at one time.

It also gives you access to two client portals that clients can use to get into direct contact with you should they have any queries or concerns that they wish to be addressed. 

The highest subscription tier is the premium plan which allows up to 500 active users to access the content at one time, as well as gives you access to three distinct customer portals, to make your liaisons with customers much more effective. 

As well as all of this, you can also access custom subscription packages that are personally catered to you and your business.

However, in order to access these, you will need to liaise with LearnUpon directly to decide how much a personalized plan will cost.

However, as we discussed above, you can rest assured that you will receive a swift response full of satisfactory answers that will help you to make the right choice.

Some of these prices may look a little daunting, especially if you are someone that is still relatively new to the world of E-learning development.

However, we can guarantee that the tools offered by LearnUpon are so well developed, and can help you out to such a strong degree, that the service is fully worth its potentially hefty price tag.

Is LearnUpon Easy To Use?

Of course, no E-learning management platform would be complete without a full set of tools that allow you to effectively create and then manage all content you create on the platform.

Luckily, LearnUpon definitely does not fall short in this regard.

Navigating through the LearnUpon platform is incredibly easy, and poses very little difficulty, even for someone that may have very minimal experience with such platforms!

The entire platform is professionally designed to be easy to navigate without getting lost, which helps to quickly maximize your efficiency when it comes to creating your educational content.

The platform is not only incredibly easy to use to create and manage your educational content, but is also easy for learners to use and navigate.

The platform makes use of visual elements that help to make using the platform more engaging, and even sometimes entertaining.

Whenever an aspect of the training is introduced to the user, you can use a gif or a funny image to inject a bit of humor into the proceedings.

For Learners

Learners can also easily see, at a glance, what modules they need to finish up in order to complete their training, as well as directly compare it to modules they already have completed, to get a sense of their progress so far.

Learners can always stay on top of their learning using LearnUpon which helps to keep them engaged through every step of the education journey.

If your training or education content is particularly in-depth, then you can also implement ‘Gamification’ features that help to add a little bit of competition to the training or learning process.

These include things such as leaderboards, badges, and achievements, which allow learners to display some of their own accomplishments, and compete against others to achieve greater scores.

This optional set of tools is incredibly useful, because it helps you to keep your learners motivated as they learn, and much of this motivation will be self-guided, as learners will be tempted by the prospect of greater achievements and rankings in leaderboards to aim for greater things.

These tools help to make the user experience of learners on the LearnUpon platform much smoother, and even slightly more engaging, which in turn leads to much more effective education across the board.

Many of these tools are also entirely optional so you can cater the experience of the platform as you see fit. 

For Admin

For Admin

Not only is LearnUpon easy for learners to use to upgrade their skills and experience, but it is also easy for admins to create and manage their educational content on the platform.

Creativity is very much encouraged when it comes to developing learning materials.

You can embed all kinds of things, including different document and file types, as well as things like surveys, quizzes, and YouTube videos.

And if you decide, at the last minute, that there is a change you want to make to some of your course material, you can easily head into the editing menu to make direct changes to the content whenever you see fit.

These changes will be implemented instantly, so there will be no disruption to the workflow of learners. 

Keeping track of all of the course materials you have developed is incredibly simple, thanks to the intelligent user interface that makes navigation a total breeze across the board. 

If you need to ensure that learners take in very specific information, you can also take advantage of the video tracking tools, which allow you to ensure that learners have to watch a certain amount of certain learning materials before they can be considered as having “seen” it.

You can also monitor to see if learners are skipping certain parts of the material, and implement changes to ensure that skipping stays to a minimum.

You can even set video materials to automatically pause if the learner exits a tab that is playing the material, to ensure that they are giving the material their full attention every time. 

The user interface of the admin tools is also one of its greatest assets. Everything is so wonderfully clear and readable on the platform that there is very little room for confusion as you work.

All of the most important tools are kept neatly stored away in the drop-down menu which can be found on the top left corner of the homepage.

This menu gives you access to all of the things that you will need to monitor, such as the unique course material, how the material is performing, and even how individual learners are performing.

If you use all of these tools to their capacity, you can truly create an efficient training or learning program that will lead to accomplished workers or fully qualified students.

Is LearnUpon Worth The Money?

Though the price tag of LearnUpon and its many subscription tiers are high, we can say for certain that the tools on offer, and how well they are developed make it all very much worthwhile. 

LearnUpon is a professionally designed E-learning hosting platform that is easy for both students and administrators to use, in order to make training or education a total breeze.

The tools are simple and easy to use, but incredibly and immediately effective.

We have no trouble at all recommending LearnUpon to big businesses that want to train an efficient workforce, or educational institutions looking for effective training tools.

Pros And Cons


  • LearnUpon is easy for both learners and administrators to use and keep in contact with each other on.
  • LearnUpon’s customer support team is unmatched and provides personally-catered support that can help to make your experience of the platform truly shine!
  • LearnUpon has been in the industry for more than ten years, giving it a professional edge over much of the competition!


  • The very significant price tag is a barrier to entry for many that may be interested in the platform.
  • The ‘learning path’ for users is incredibly linear, which leaves little room for flexibility on behalf of students in their education.

To Wrap Up

LearnUpon is one of the best E-learning platforms on the internet, thanks to its wealth of experience, which, while it may cost a pretty penny to access, has led to a bevy of tools that make it easy to train a workforce, or easily educate students.

Why not try the platform out for yourself?