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Joyce Carol Oates Masterclass Complete Review

Mastering the craft of writing is something that can be learned. Here is a chance to get a free masterclass from one of the world’s most celebrated writers.

This masterclass will provide you with the keys to working with your clients to find the authentic and most powerful stories within their lives.

Join this Joyce carol Oates Masterclass review to be inspired by the legendary Joyce Carol Oates. get the low-down on her writing process, her life, the characters that have inspired her, and her latest book release, The Heirloom.

Who Is Joyce Carol Oates?

Joyce Carol Oates is known best as the national book award-winning author. She has written more than sixty novels and thousands of short stories. She has been one of the industry’s greatest storytellers for over 50 years. 

She is well known for her variety of styles and genres, particularly her representation of violence in modern society. 

Joyce Carol Oates was born in Lockport, New York in 1938, her writing career started at the young age of 14. 

Whilst Joyce Carol Oates was a creative writing professor at Princeton University, her large collection of novels and short stories she found inspiration in many different areas of life.

For example, her own personal experiences or those from headlines. 

Joyce Carol Oates Masterclass

Joyce Carol Oates, the literary legend, holds an online masterclass in which Joyce Carol Oates teaches you how to write short stories by learning how to develop your voice. 

To participate in the online masterclass hosted by Joyce, you have to sign up on her website, prices start at £14 per month which will be charged annually.

These packages include access to classes and sessions. 

The class length is a total of 3 hours and 21 minutes over 14 classes. These sessions cover the topics of the arts, entertainment, and writing fiction.

If you would like to browse the lesson plan before committing to the master class you can do this on the website. 

The lesson plan shows an overview of the 14 different topics of the class, from writing short fiction, exploring taboo and dark topics, structure and form, and writing the familiar. 

What Is Included In Joyce Carol Oates’ Masterclass?

If you have not taken a masterclass before you may be unsure as to what you actually get when signing up for one. 

This particular master class includes pre-recorded video lessons, writing assignments, an interactive community, and an instructor. 

If you have a busy schedule or work certain hours these pre-recorded video classes are very useful to ensure you can learn on your own terms and make sure that they fit around your current schedule.

You won’t have to miss out just because you have other things on. 

In Joyce Carol Oates masterclass there are just over 3 hours of video lessons content and a class workbook which you are able to download as a pdf, or an easy read whenever suitable for you. 

Along with the revision workshop and lessons, extra reading, extra assignments, and two short story case studies are included. 

Approachable, Easy To Follow Material 

If you are worried about taking part in this masterclass you should rest assured that all of the material in this masterclass is extremely approachable and simple to follow. 

This class is for beginner to intermediate-level writers, so do not be intimidated by Joyce Carol Oates’ writing level and complex topics. 

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Video Lessons

There are 14 videos available on this masterclass, they are all high quality and extremely informative. In addition to this, they are very well put together, have immaculate transitions and beautiful background music. 

The video clip lessons really enable you to feel like you are connecting with the instructor, you get to know their personality and feel involved in the writing process. 

PDF downloads 

The PDF downloads of this writing course are a vital part. The masterclass includes a lengthy workbook accompanied by a lesson review which can be downloaded.

There are also assignments, additional reading and and challenges that can be downloaded, these will broaden your knowledge and increase your confidence in writing. 


Each video lesson is accompanied by at least 3 homework exercises, these aim to further your knowledge and cement your understanding of what you have learnt during the video lessons. 

During the first few lessons, the homework you will be asked to do will be something like, write up a scene or a character outline. 

As you move throughout the course the homework will begin to progress onto more complex tasks which will take you a little longer to complete and help you engage your imagination and improve your descriptive skills and writing skills. 

Office Hours & Class Interaction

This section of the masterclass enables you to ask Joyce Carol Oates any questions you may have directly, you will then receive a response from her via video.

This is a great feature which enables you to feel closer and connected personally with the instructor. 

Being able to be in direct contact with a writer like Joyce Carol Oates and to be able to receive personal feedback is a great way to further your writing. 

In addition to being able to contact the instructor personally you are also able to communicate with others taking the masterclass via the hub and comment on videos to add to the conversation and discussion. 

This is a fantastic way to share ideas and keep in contact with like minded individuals.

The Pros Of Taking This Masterclass

One of the great advantages of this masterclass are the workshops. This course is packed full of different writer’s workshop, which will improve your writing knowledge.

These are packed with short story writing analyses that can help you understand how to structure your own stories. 

In addition to this, this course is full of tips for finding inspiration. If you struggle finding  inspiration when writing Joyce Carol Oates herself includes many tips that she uses to find her next stories and characters.

She outlines different methods which helped her to find inspiration when writing, for example digging deep into inner pain or experiences, and confronting taboo topics effectively, which is not always common in other author’s works. 

The assignments used in this masterclass are perhaps where this class excels the most. They begin as small tasks in the early sections of the course, and over time grow in complexity and size.

These will get you looking and thinking about the world differently and will get you to observe Oates much deeper. 


Overall, there are many different masterclasses which can help you improve your skills in any field because these talented individuals will offer their expertise and knowledge in their own masterclasses. 

You need to pick the right class for you which involves looking at these different sections of how she teaches and what types of lessons she gives.

These can all be important questions if you’re going to be paying someone for their services, therefore, consider all of the above. 

This also might be a class you want to take because she inspires you with her work and gives you inspiration for your own.

Whatever your reason, this guide should give you the answers to those questions you might have about attending Joyce Carol Oates’ masterclass.

It should outline everything you need to know about this Joyce Carol Oates review and whether it will be worth your time.