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joel meyerowitz masterclass

Joel Meyerowitz Masterclass Review 2023

Joel Meyerowitz is one of the most renowned and revered contemporary photographers.

His name is considered as “Masters of Photography”. He is a creative identity when it comes to photography.

In this masterclass, You will learn how to take control of your lighting and gain the skills to perform a successful and flattering portrait.

Joel Meyerowitz, the renowned photographer, will be giving a masterclass on his work and techniques, hosted by the Photo Agency.

This guide on Joel Meyerowitz MasterClass will be covering what this course contains and what you can take away from it. 

Who is Joel Meyerowitz?

Joel Meyerowitz is an American photographer.

He is best known for his black-and-white photographs of the Lower East Side of New York City from the 1950s, in which he captured the ambiance of the era.

Joel Meyerowitz is an American photographer from New York City.

He was one of the few street photographers who was left untouched by the commercialism that has overtaken the photography industry in recent years.

His work is highly regarded by a number of people.

Joel Meyerowitz is a New York-based photographer who has shot pictures for Time and Rolling Stone, among others.

His images are of people, places, and things, most of which are rarely seen, and he is one of the few photographers in the everyday world who can take the shot that you have in. 

What is the masterclass

This masterclass is all about learning how to improve your storytelling skills with the help of a truly iconic photographer.

He is a professional in many different types of genres for photographs which will be very helpful for many up-and-coming photographers who need some perspective on different styles. 

  • How to find a subject to photograph
  • How to improve your compositional skills
  • How to determine the correct lighting
  • How to print your images and also create a photography book (photo book)

You will be not only covering these interesting topics, but also his personal experiences through his still life photography journey and his tips and secrets. 

What will you get?

There are up to 34 different streamed videos you are able to watch, which totals up to over five hours’ worth of content.

Many people love these sessions because of the assignment sheets and PDF study sheets give you tasks to do while in your spare time to use the knowledge he has gifted to improve others’ creativity and ability. 

These sessions also give you the opportunity to download the transcripts that can be super helpful for most people to read several times to completely secrete it into their mind. 

You can also watch these sessions on different devices which is also very convenient for most people. 

What will you learn? 

These sessions mainly surround creativity through your own eyes and not the more practical areas of using the camera settings and video quality.

Joel teaches heavily on the street photography community, but it is not just about this genre there is much more to it. 

If we were going, to sum up, this photography course, it would be described as a place where you are able to find your photographic identity in photography.

It focuses on using your eyes more and seeing what you want to achieve in your photography.

He wants to break down all of the different elements you need to think about and turn those elements into something brilliant. 

Joel Meyerowitz Masterclass Review 2023 1

Teaching style 

What makes this specifically useful to people, is that it feels as though he is talking directly to you and this is a 1-1 class with only you and him in it.

This can be a really good way of teaching people because they get into an almost trance of your work. 

Many teachers try to create this feeling when they are recording a class which can be very difficult. However, this class almost effortlessly creates this direct feeling which is what people love about it. 

What also makes this class super special is that you can tell how much he cares about people finding their own identity and showing the importance of this for people in photography.

If you can find your own identity, then you won’t stick out from anyone else and you will never be a unique photographer. 

Would this session suit you?

The style of these sessions is not for someone who needs a step-by-step guide on what to do with their photographs.

It is more about bringing out who the person is behind the camera and what they want to capture. It is a guide that allows you to learn in a loose way.

It is not the type of class that is recommended to everyone because of the style of teaching, but his wise words will be helpful to many. 

Where did Joel Meyerowitz grow up?

The Bronx is a borough of the U.S. city of New York. It is the second-most densely populated of the five boroughs, the only one with a land area larger than Manhattan Island.

The Bronx is the second-largest of New York City’s five boroughs, comprising 1.6 million people, who are spread over an area of 786 square miles. 

The Bronx’s diverse neighborhoods are home to many ethnic and religious groups, as well as a large number of American Indians and Puerto Ricans, and is where Joel grew up and where he gained a lot of his influence for his street photography. 

How much does it cost? 

It all depends on what online photography classes and packages you choose to add to your cart. You can buy all of the free access to all of the classes which will total about $150 which is expensive, but for many people, worth it. 

However, there is also the cheaper option of $50 to learn his eight different key points which is an hour and twenty minutes long.

Many people opt for the best key tips to get his wise words and have a small taster for his lessons. 


Overall, with any type of online class, there are always going to be certain pros and cons and reasons for why it will suit or not suit people.

This is a loose teaching class where you indeed use your own experience and creativity to really use the information he is giving you. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good idea of what this class offers and whether it would be the best fit for you.

Luckily they offer different packages which will be suitable price-wise for certain people, rather than spending the full $150. 

The main part you need to take away from this is that it is a way to find your own identity and by the end of these classes, you have developed this unique ability to put yourself into your work.

People love originality and admiring work where someone has really made it their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What lens did Joel Meyerowitz use?

Meyerowitz fell in love with 35mm lenses because of the similar perspective they gave him to what his eyes saw.

However, even though it is important what equipment you use for your landscape photography, it is more about your vision and how you use your eyes when capturing beauty.

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