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Martin Barrett
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Is Thinkific Safe? [What You Need To Know!]

Is Thinkific Safe? [What You Need To Know!]

Thinkific site considers security to be a top priority when it comes to people using their site and selling online courses that are created and run by the platform. As a result, there are various safety features that Thinkific has implemented.

All of this is to make their platform as safe for their users, including teachers and unlimited students, as possible. In this article, we will go into further detail about whether we think Thinkific is safe. In addition to this, we will speak about all the features this platform uses to keep its users safe.

In this thinkific review, we will cover the most important topic that every student asks is” Is Thinkific safe” while we create online courses?

Who Has Access To Your Courses?

The first thing to keep in mind is that Thinkific is the only online course platform where nobody can access your online course landing page without paying for it.

Search engines, for instance, cannot index content found in Thinkific courses.

Thinkific takes security extremely seriously and makes sure that only pupils with active accounts are allowed to log in. Unauthorized individuals cannot access to sell courses. In order to prevent this kind of problem, Thinkific also makes it simple to stop regular content downloads.

You can decide whether a “Download” button will be present in the Course Player when providing audio, video, and PDF content, for instance.

Students are not permitted to right-click to save a clip without your permission because right-clicking is also blocked in the course player for video courses. Additionally, you can set a feature that stops students from choosing and copying text from your course as well.

Thinkific Security Features

Thinkific uses various security measures to keep its platform safe and ensure your data is safe as well. In particular, Thinkific has three approaches that ensure your data is kept safe. These are the following:

  • Secure Architecture – The cloud-based platform from Thinkific is designed specifically for the cloud and is based on essential privacy and security principles.
  • Company Structure – Thinkific has created a workplace culture that informs staff members of their responsibilities for maintaining the security and privacy of client data. In addition to this, this culture also holds them accountable for maintaining these duties.
  • In-product – To protect customers’ and their learners’ data, Thinkific’s platform has developed a blend of best-in-class privacy, security, and compliance safeguards.

Access Management

By adopting multi-factor authentication, Thinkific Course Creators may now increase the security of their course website. While lowering the danger of unwanted access, and safeguarding their copyrights, user data, and money collection methods (see also ‘Does Thinkific Own Your Content?‘).

When granting access, Thinkific follows the rules of least privilege and role-based permissions. Thinkific employees are only given access to the information they need to handle in order to perform their current duties.


Data is encrypted by Thinkific using safe cryptographic techniques. Using TLS 1.2 or later, all data in transit is secured. For data at rest, Thinkific uses AES-256 encryption.

Every Thinkific encryption key is under key management. Hence, all user’s data is encrypted and safely stored, so no one can have access to it.

What Happens When There Is A Security Issue?

What Happens When There Is A Security Issue?

For handling security incidents, Thinkific has set policies and processes. The Security Incident Response Team at Thinkific oversees every security incident.

The policies categorize events based on severity and specify the kinds of occurrences that must be handled through the incident response procedure. Customers who are impacted by an incident will be notified through email.

At least once a year, incident response protocols are evaluated and revised. Thus, you can be ensured that the security team at Thinkific is up-to-date and prepared for any security event.

Thinkific Plus Enhanced Security

You may relax knowing that Thinkific Plus satisfies your security needs. They can meet your needs thanks to SSO OpenID, security evaluations before purchasing, and SLA uptimes that are unmatched in the industry.

Your Identity Provider and Thinkific Plus are linked by SSO OpenID. This boosts security by enabling users to log in to your website safely using your platform with just one set of credentials.

Furthermore, Thinkific Plus comes with a Support and Service Level Agreement that outlines their dedication to giving you thorough support. With the option to undergo a security check before purchasing, it ensures that all of your safety needs are addressed.

How To Stop Students Sharing Your Course?

The majority of people who pay to gain your course will keep it private and won’t share the selling courses on other platforms where people can access it for free.

However, if this is a concert for you, then, Thinkific has offered some ways to limit these concerns even more. Which then ensures that your content stays as safe as it can be.

Use Various Media Types

Since there are so many different types of content to sell online courses, it would be extremely hard to recreate the course experience outside the Thinkific platform. Outside of Thinkific’s platform, users wouldn’t be able to complete surveys or quizzes.

They also are unable to be involved in any conversations about the course or a topic within the course. If that wasn’t enough, outside users wouldn’t be able to view their progress or navigate through the presentations easily.

Therefore, it is important to use different media types to make it a more engaging course for users who pay for it. While at the same time, it makes it more difficult for anyone to share the content as well.

Don’t Forget Discussions

Even obtaining films, for instance, won’t be able to reproduce a dialogue between you and other students that constitutes a significant portion of the worth of your course.

Hence, if you create a course, consider conversation topics that you and your students discuss. This can’t be replicated.

Watermark PDFs And Videos

Include a watermark in your video and PDF content that is difficult to remove. This watermark should include copyright statements and your logo etc.

Thus, when someone tries to share your content it will have watermarks, which can make the content more difficult to read and understand.

Copyright Message In Footer

Your footer will by default include copyright messaging structured as Copyright School Name Year. To notify visitors of your copyright, modify and expand this messaging. People will be aware that your course is copyright protected as a result, keeping it secure.


Overall, Thinkific is a very safe platform for you to use. Creating online courses hosts numerous features that help to keep not only you but also your data safe.

Yet, it also has additional features which keep your course content safe so that it isn’t distributed elsewhere.

Thinkific uses encryption methods to keep your data safe while course creation. In addition to that, there are authentication methods and cloud privacy to keep everything safe.

This is a platform that is used by millions of people, so they have developed their security systems to ensure everyone, whether teacher, staff, or student, is safe while they are on their site.

We hope this article has been helpful and given you a better insight into whether Thinkific is safe to use.