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Is Masterclass Good For Beginners

Is Masterclass Good For Beginners?

Masterclass has become a favorite online learning platform amongst students who want to improve their skills or learn new skills. Is it worth investing in?

Masterclass offers courses from top teachers around the globe. The company claims that all the classes are designed to teach you real-life lessons and give practical advice through video tutorials.

There are several reasons why you should invest in the Masterclass online learning platform. First, they offer great value for money. Second, they provide high-quality content. Third, they give you access to expert instructors. Finally, they allow you to study at your own pace.

However, you may be wondering: “Is Masterclass a beginner-friendly platform?”, and we answer below.

What Is Masterclass?

Masterclass is a subscription-based online learning site that offers over 200 courses taught by some of the world’s best instructors.

These include topics such as Acting, Writing, Comedy, Music Production, Photography, Cooking, Design, Business, Fitness, and many others.

Each Masterclass course lasts about 30 minutes to one hour and costs $10 per month.

The videos are short, concise, and very well-produced. Some of the most popular and best Masterclass courses are those related to acting, comedy, music production, photography, writing, design, and cooking.

There are even Masterclass courses on how to start a blog and how to make money online. (See here ‘Are Masterclass Cooking Courses Worth It?‘.)

Is Masterclass A Beginner-Friendly Platform?

The problem we had with the Masterclass online learning platform is that it wasn’t clear who Masterclass was actually for. Was it meant for someone who wants to learn something specific, like cooking or photography?

Or was it meant for everyone who loves learning new things?

We think there are two types of people who might benefit from MasterClass: Those who want to learn something specific and those who just love learning new things.

If you’re looking to learn something specific, the Masterclass online education platform probably isn’t for you. Its video lessons tend to be short and sweet and often don’t go into much detail.

They are great for beginners because they give you a taste of what you’ll experience in class.

But if you want to learn something complex like cooking or photography, Masterclass won’t help you very much.

On the other hand, if you love learning new things, Masterclass could be perfect for you. Masterclass‘ instructors are celebrities, meaning you’ll see familiar names like Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Martha Stewart.

These stars teach bite-size lessons that are usually less than ten minutes long.

This format works well for people like me who learn best from bite-sized lessons and enjoy watching celebrity instructors.

How Are The Classes Structured?

The Masterclass videos are well-produced and feature high production values.

There are no cheesy slideshows or boring lectures. Instead, there are short, sharp segments featuring interviews, live demos, quizzes, and even musical performances.

The Masterclass courses are taught by world-renowned experts and cover topics ranging from acting to creative writing to music production. Some of the instructors even offer free online Masterclass video lessons to help you master your craft.

What Is So Great About Masterclass?

The online courses are designed to teach students how to become filmmakers, writers, designers, photographers, illustrators, musicians, actors, and more.

Each course costs $49 per month, and there are 12 months included in the annual subscription.

With the Masterclass subscription, students can choose from over 30 different courses taught by some of the world’s most respected experts in their fields. (To learn about Masterclass discounts, click ‘here‘.)

Masterclass’ mission statement says it best: “We believe everyone deserves access to a great education.”

And the site offers over 2,500 online classes taught by some of today’s most influential thought leaders.

What’s The Membership Situation?

is masterclass a beginner course

There are four levels of membership, starting with free, followed by monthly, yearly, and lifetime memberships.

Lifetime members receive unlimited access to all Masterclass classes, while annual members get access to just three classes each month.

How much does Masterclass cost? Monthly members pay $12 per class, and weekly members pay $9 per class.

Masterclass is a subscription service where students learn online from world-class instructors and their video lessons.

Students are given access to over 300 classes taught by some of the best teachers in the industry.

There are no free Masterclass classes or trials offered, meaning you’ll have to shell out $49 per month.

The good news is that once you do sign up, you get to access Masterclass and its hundreds of hours of high-quality video lessons from some of the most respected names in business today.

You can watch Masterclass videos whenever you want, wherever you go.

And since you don’t have to worry about finding a quiet place to study, you’ll actually end up learning faster because you’ll be motivated to keep watching on the Masterclass app.

What Is Their Refund Policy?

Masterclass platform offers a generous refund policy. You can cancel anytime within 30 days of purchasing your subscription.

If you decide to cancel during the first 14 days, you won’t be charged.

After the 14th day, there are no refunds unless you’ve been notified via email.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Masterclass?

Masterclass announced that it will no longer issue certificates to students who finish courses. Instead, the company says it will provide “a summary of what you learned.”

While certificates aren’t mandatory, they’re often seen as a sign of achievement.

For example, Apple gives every employee a gold watch upon completing one year of employment.

However, the company also offers a variety of internal awards for those who do things like save money or work overtime.

The quality of the courses isn’t always consistent.

There are some courses where the instructor doesn’t seem to know what he/she is doing. Or maybe they’re simply not interested in teaching others.

Who Is Masterclass Usually For?

Masterclass is primarily for creative types who want to learn how to do something new through video lessons.

There are no prerequisites, and many of the classes are taught by creative celebrities like Stephen King, Lena Dunham, Kevin Smith, and David Sedaris.

They’re fun, entertaining, and informative. Some of the classes are even free.

But there’s one thing we don’t think anyone tells you about Masterclass: it’s not a substitute for college courses.

You won’t learn anything close to what you’ll learn in a typical college course.

And while some classes are great refreshers, others are just plain boring.

The best way to figure out whether a class is worth your time is to look at the reviews, just like when considering Masterclass‘ worth you would look at a Masterclass review.

If lots of people say it’s awesome, it might actually be good.

But if everyone says it may not be as good as you think, you know it’s probably not worth your time.

Is It Worth It Overall?

The biggest reason we love Masterclass is that it gives us access to people who are already successful in their fields.

They know how to make money, build businesses, and live happy lives.

When you take a course from someone who is already doing well, you don’t just learn what to do; you learn from their mistakes.

Another thing we love about Masterclass is that it brings together people from all over the world.

This allows you to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

These connections could lead to friendships and collaborations down the road.

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned from Masterclass is that there isn’t always a “right way.” 

Some methods work really well for some people, while others work great for others.

By learning from both successes and failures, you’ll be able to figure out what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

If you have an interest in a certain topic but haven’t found a way to get started yet, Masterclass is a great place to start. 

We recommend taking a few classes before committing to a full-fledged membership.

That way, you can see which ones you enjoy and which ones you don’t.

And if you find yourself bored after a couple of weeks or think the Masterclass cost isn’t worth it, you can always cancel your subscription and look for other online learning platforms.