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Is Codecademy Or Khan Academy Better?

Is Codecademy Or Khan Academy Better? Complete Review 2023

Are you looking to broaden your knowledge and develop some new skills? If so, online learning platforms can be valuable tools.

These platforms not only allow you to gain valuable education, but they also offer students sensational flexibility.

Here is the question Is Codecademy Or Khan Academy Better? Let’s dig into it.

You can choose not only where you learn, but you can also schedule classes to fit your lifestyle.

Codecademy and Khan Academy are two of the largest online educational resources.

Thanks to their similar names, these two platforms are often pitted against each other. But which one is really better? Let’s take a look

What Is Codecademy?

Codecademy is an online platform designed to teach programming languages through interactive classes.

Java, Ruby, and Python are among the programming languages that customers can learn through Codecademy.

This American online service has been around since 2011, having been created by Ryan Bubinsk and Zach Sims. It has millions of users across the globe.

What Is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy predates Codecademy (see also ‘Which is better Codecademy or Coursera?‘), given that it was founded in 2008. This platform was founded by Salman Khan, who gives his name to the site.

Essentially, Khan Academy is an educational organization website dedicated to providing students with a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Among the academic topics that are taught at Khan Academy include mathematics, computer programing, and physics. 

A variety of teaching methods (see also ‘What Are Teachable Moments?‘) are utilized to impart these lessons, such as videos and practice exercises.

Codecademy Vs Khan Academy: Which Is Better?

To determine whether Codecademy or Khan Academy is the superior educational platform, we have come up with some of the main qualities that people look for in an educational organization.

This way, we can determine which of these platforms better fulfills these various important categories. 


Codecademy offers different membership options at different price levels. The basic membership is free, though customers will have access to a very limited range of resources.

Not to mention, basic courses provide more of an overview than an in-depth lesson. Meanwhile, the pro-lite and pro plans are quite pricey. 

Luckily, Codecademy (see also our comparison of Codecademy and Free Code Camp) offers some flexibility by allowing customers to choose whether they wish to pay their plan monthly or annually.

Moreover, you can try both the pro-lite and pro membership plans for free, allowing you to see whether they are worth the price.

As a non-profit organization, Khan Academy is entirely free. As a result, you don’t have to pay anything to access these outstanding online classes.

This is a rarity among online education platforms, which are typically quite expensive. 

This is great news for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on their education. Plus, it ensures that everyone can access educational resources, which is highly beneficial for people from low-income backgrounds.

Overall, Khan Academy is the clear winner when it comes to the cost, given that it is completely free. 


If you are searching for a learning platform, you will want one that has a high number of classes. Otherwise, you will quickly run out of educational material. 

Khan Academy has a significantly larger number of courses than Codecademy. This is likely because Khan Academy is more of a general learning platform, while Codecademy is more niche.

Is Codecademy Or Khan Academy Better?

Quality Of Content

In terms of the quality of the content, we believe Codecademy to be the superior choice. From our experience, the quality of the content is exceptional.

As a free resource, the content of Khan Academy is not always of high quality. There have been numerous instances of teachers relaying inaccurate information to students.

Thankfully, these errors are often corrected so that future students won’t have to endure the same mistakes.

Ease Of Use

These learning platforms should be slick, intuitive, and easy to use. Therefore, it was essential for us to review which of these platforms is simpler to use.

In our opinion, Codecademy is easier to use. This is because it has a smoother user interface than Khan Academy, which can be a little awkward.

Subject Range

When you pick an online learning platform, you should be aware of what kinds of classes they offer. Otherwise, you could end up choosing a platform that specializes in a subject that you don’t want to learn about.

Generally, Codecademy has a more limited range of subjects on offer. It is a platform dedicated to computer programming. The service also provides other IT-related training.

Regardless, this is a limited niche that won’t be useful for every customer.

Meanwhile, Khan Academy’s range of subjects is much more expansive. You can learn about topics such as computing, mathematics, science, history, and finance.

As a result, Khan Academy is the clear winner when it comes to subject range.

Number Of Users

A platform with a large number of users is preferable to one with a small number of users. This is because it makes you feel as though you are part of a learning community.

Not to mention, big user bases indicate that a service is of exceptional quality. 

The user figures tend to fluctuate over time. However, Khan Academy usually has a higher number of users than Codecademy. 

Languages Available

If a learning community wishes to have global appeal, it will need to be available in a few different languages. If not, the number of people that can use it will be restricted.

Out of these two services, Khan Academy is the better option. While Codecademy is only available in English, Khan Academy can be used in more than 30 languages.

Customer Service

Lastly, customer service is essential for solving any issues that customers may face.

Khan Academy and Codecademy are fairly similar in regard to the quality of customer service. Codecademy’s customer support can be contacted via email while Khan Academy can be reached through the website or app.

Final Thoughts

Though Codecademy and Khan Academy are two of the largest learning platforms online, Khan Academy is the superior option.

This is largely due to its free membership and the wider selection of subjects on the site. However, if you want a more specialized approach to IT, Codecademy will be the better option for you.

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