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How To Download CreativeLive Video To iPad?

How To Download CreativeLive Classes To iPad

One of the most convenient and best ways to learn new skills is through online lessons. Here, you’re offered access to lecturers and experts in a particular subject, who share their knowledge at an affordable price. 

Plus, you’re provided the opportunity to community with those in the same class as you – creating excellent networking possibilities.

The best part? You can go through all these lessons at a pace that suits you. 

When it comes to online classes, people typically decide to learn more about digital design, business, marketing, photography, and anything else they can use to make a side hustle. 

Generally, people enroll in online classes with the goal of boosting their income.

This is why these types of classes are incredibly popular and work best. 

Here, you’re provided with industry experts in the form of a lecturer, using their knowledge and experience in a particular field to provide students with practice and useful knowledge.

Although, while there are tons of benefits to online learning, finding the right class and service for you and your requirements can be somewhat difficult. 

There are various companies offering users online lessons, however, not all of these are effective.

In fact, some aren’t even legit, providing you with insignificant resources while taking your money at the same time. Therefore, finding the best online learning platform for you is important. This is where CreativeLive comes in.

Not only does it provide first-grade teaching materials and lecturers, but it also provides you with the convenience to learn from anywhere and at any time. As such, you may be wondering how to download CreativeLive video to iPad. Well, with the help of this guide, this should be a piece of cake. Let’s get started.

What Is CreativeLive?

In the current market, CreativeLive is considered one of the largest education platforms – specially designed for creative people. Here, you’ll find over 1,500 classes with over 650 teaching experts. Before reading this step-by-step guide, you may have already heard a lot of good things about the platform.

However, you may be wondering how it exactly works. Well, you’re in the right place to find out. At CreativeLive, you are able to scan its library of courses before becoming a member to see if the platform offers the type of courses you’re looking for and are interested in. (See also ‘CreativeLive Live Classes: All You Need To Know About!’)

Plus, they even offer some free classes which enable you to become familiar with the platform without having to make any monetary commitments. Something that has been mentioned again and again in the reviews is customers’ praise for the number of tutors the platform offers. (Check out ‘Are There Free Classes On CreativeLive? if you’re interested in trying one free lesson’)

Here, you can find best-selling authors, world-renowned photographs, and even Grammy winners among the list of tutors available. At CreativeLive, you can learn valuable lessons from distinguished experts, including Mel Robbins, Jasmine Start, Sheri Riley, Daymond John, Time Ferriss, and many more.

How To Download CreativeLive Video To iPad?

One of the best things about the CreativeLive app for iPad and iPhone is that it makes it super simple to download videos and purchase courses and watch them offline all without having to use data. This means you can learn wherever and whenever you are – making your teaching experience flexible and incredibly convenient.

If you’re looking to download the app, then it can be downloaded here. When it comes to downloading your CreativeLive lessons from the app for offline learning, there are two approaches. These include:

  1. Follow the detailed instructions below to download your CreativeLive courses for offline viewing and learning.
    • Firstly, you’re going to want to log into your CreativeLive account on the iOS app. Here, you’ll want to ensure you’re logging into the same account that you purchased the particular class from.
    • Then, in the Home view, you should be able to find your most recently purchased classes. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find the “See All My Classes” link.
    • Here, you should find a list of lessons you have purchased with a “Download Lessons” button for each course.
    • From here, you can use the checkboxes to click as many lessons as you want to download and then press the download arrow to start the process.
    • Once you hit “Done”, the downloads should start immediately. Depending on the length of your particular course and how many lessons you take, this can take a while.
    • Then all you have to do is view the lesson as you would usually watch the class. Your downloaded lessons are distinguishable by a blue download icon.
  2. The second approach involves swiping right and then releasing the specific lesson you’re looking to download and watch later.
    • Whatever method you choose, just keep in mind that you should download over WiFi as opposed to data. Plus, your downloaded crash course will take up storage on your device. Therefore, once you have watched the lesson, you may want to remove it.

How To Download Classes On A Desktop?

How To Download CreativeLive Video To iPad?

You may also want to learn how to download your classes to your desktop. Don’t worry, this is just as simple when you take the step-by-step instructions below.

  • First, log into your CreativeLive account.
  • Then, locate the My Classes tab.
  • Select the class you want to download.
  • To download the class, simply press the “Down Arrow” located to the right of the Lessons bar.
  • Simply select the corresponding download option you’re looking for. For instance, HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition).

Pros And Cons Of CreativeLive


  • Industry Icon Instructors – There are over 700 industry professionals (including Grammy and Oscar winners and best-selling authors) to teach the courses.
  • High Quality – All the videos you’ll find on CreativeLive’s platform are filmed using professional in-house videographers, therefore, you can have peace of mind that the quality is top-notch.
  • Accessibility – The great thing about CreativeLive is you can learn using a range of platforms, including mobile and computer – allowing you to learn on the move. Plus, the best part? All their materials and class videos are available for download.
  • Free Live Classes – While the classes are streaming live, they are free to access by all students.
  • Refund Policy – When it comes to individual courses, there is a generous 30-day refund policy. On the creator pass, this is 7 days.


  • Some individual courses are expensive – When it comes to the higher-end classes, these are somewhat expensive when you consider the materials they are offering.
  • No certificates – Once you have finished the course, CreativeLive doesn’t provide its users with any sort of accreditation or certification. Therefore, if you’re looking for something that provides you with this, then you might want to look at edX or Coursera.

Final Thoughts

Online learning platforms are becoming more and more popular. This is thanks to their flexibility and convenience – allowing you to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. No longer are you restricted to the traditional model of learning.

The great thing about CreativeLive is that you can download all your lessons offline and watch them as you please, even on your iPad!

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