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How To Create A Webinar On Kajabi

How To Create Kajabi Webinars: Step-By-Step Guide

There are many things that you can do on the Kajabi platform, you can create podcasts and courses, but you can also create webinars.

This is a great way to connect with potential and existing customers. Many businesses find that hosting webinars are a great tool for both content marketing and generating leads. 

Adding a webinar feature on Kajabi can be a game changer for your business. There are a couple of ways that you can create a webinar through the Kajabi platform.

Below, we will look at how to create Kajabi webinars that can help your business to grow and how they can help your business to grow. 

Can You Create A Webinar On Kajabi?

The short answer to this question is, yes you can. Every aspect of your webinar can be run and promoted through the Kajabi platform.

There are also plenty of other things that you can do in Kajabi. These sorts of projects are located under a tab known as “Kajabi Events”.  

Under this tab, you can create live webinars and pre-recorded webinars. You can also present live video training, multi-day virtual conferences, and anything else that requires a live or pre-recorded video. 

How To Create A Webinar On Kajabi

How To Create Kajabi Webinars

As we mentioned above, there are two different ways that you can create webinars on the Kajabi platform. Below, we will look in detail at how to create pre-recorded webinars, host live webinars and live webinars.  

How To Set Up A Pre-Recorded Webinar 

There are a few steps to follow in the Kajabi webinar pipeline on the Kajabi dashboard to set up a pre-recorded webinar.  

  1. The first thing you need to do is select the “marketing” tab on your dashboard homepage. From here, you will need to select “pipelines”.  This will take you to the page where you can begin to build your webinar pipeline blueprint. 
  2. From this page, you will need to select “Create Pipeline”. This will take you to a page with multiple things that you can build.
  3. On this page, you will need to click on “legacy pipelines”. This button is located at the bottom of the page and is much smaller than the larger, colorful buttons.  
  4. Once you select the button, extra options will appear at the bottom of the page. You will need to click on “webinar” to begin the correct pipeline.  Out of these options, you can also create other useful content marketing products. 
  5. Once you select “webinar” a new page will appear. On this registration page, there is a short video that provides information about what you can do with your webinar and how to get started. You can choose to watch this if you want some extra tips, or you can click on “create pipeline” straight away. 
  6. A form will open when you click “select pipeline”. This is where you can fill in all the information about your webinar. You will need to provide a title, the type of webinar, the date of the webinar, and a brief description of the content. When you are happy with it, click “generate pipeline”. 
  7. Scroll down the page that loads and select “webinar room”.  From here, you will see a sidebar appear. Click “event video” to upload or record your webinar content.  
  8. Scroll down the menu and click “add video”. You will then be able to upload your video file. Make sure to click “save” otherwise your video won’t be uploaded. 
  9. Once the changes have been saved, return to your pipeline and select “evergreen webinar”. An option will appear called “repeat this Live event”. Toggle this button on, then select how many times you want to repeat the webinar for customers and clients. Remember to click “save” to complete your changes. 

Evergreen webinars are a great way to create content that can be accessed by customers and clients at a time that fits their schedule and may even be watched more than once.

This is perfect for content that has a lot of important or interesting information in it. 

How To Set Up A Live Webinar Via Zoom Webinar Funnel

You can also set up live webinars that are available to your customers and clients via Zoom.

It is important to note that when you are creating a live webinar on Kajabi, you will need to schedule a meeting on your Zoom account before you begin setting up a pipeline on Kajabi.

  1. Once you have set up your meeting on Zoom, return to your Kajabi dashboard. Click on the “marketing” tab and then select “pipelines” from the options. Then, you will see a button labeled “+new pipelines” located in the upper right corner of the page. 
  2. You will need to choose the “Zoom webinar OVO pipeline” option from the list. You may need to scroll down to find this option. From here, you will need to click on “Create pipelines”.  
  3. A form will appear and you will need to input the details of your live webinar. This includes the title, host, and a brief description of the webinar topic. Make sure that you remember to add the link to your Zoom webinar. Once you are satisfied with the details, click “generate pipeline”.
  4. Once again, you will need to select “Zoom webinar OVO pipeline”. This will bring up the webinar you just created.  Toggle the button beneath the “event” section to “on”. Then, you will need to select the recurrence interval of the webinar. 
  5. Make sure to press “save” when you have finished making any changes to your scheduled, live webinar and the upcoming event.

You will now be able to promote your webinar through email marketing to reach a wider audience of customers and clients.

You will need to host the webinar live on your Zoom account at the time that you set. You can then offer recordings of the webinar to people who signed up for it.  

Types Of Webinars

How To Create A Webinar On Kajabi

There are multiple types of webinars that you can create, either live or pre-recorded. Below, we will look at some of the types of webinars that you can create on Kajabi to give you some inspiration. 

Tutorials And How-To’s 

Tutorials or how-to videos are a great way to create evergreen webinar content. These webinars involve teaching your audience how to do something. The subject can be absolutely anything to do with your business’s niche.

The most important thing about these types of webinars is that they are filled with relevant information that is valuable to your audience. 

These types of webinars are perfect for evergreen content. No matter what your niche is, there are always going to be essential things that your audience will benefit from knowing.  

Educational Webinars

Another great focus for your webinars is education. These webinars are designed to provide your audience with valuable information that can help them to succeed in their own niche.

The ultimate goal of these webinars is to help give your audience a better understanding of specific topics.  

The content of educational webinars should aim to help your audience make better-informed decisions about their own business.  These webinars work best if they are pre-recorded.


You can also create an FAQ webinar. This type of content allows you to answer questions that are most frequently asked within your niche or in regard to a specific product or service that your business offers.  

FAQ webinars are the perfect way to establish yourself or your business as an expert in your field.  To give your webinar more credibility, make sure that your answers are accurate and detailed, and have references where necessary.  

It is also possible to combine an FAQ webinar with other types of social content.

Gathering FAQs from your audience on your business’s social media can be a great way to generate interest in your webinar and ensure that you are answering questions that are relevant to your audience. 

Case Studies

The final type of webinar that you can make is a case study webinar. These types of webinars look at a specific product or service and how it has helped real people and businesses reach their goals.  

This type of webinar is designed to showcase the potential of the products and services that you offer to your audience. 

The main benefit of these webinars is an increase in sales that are generated by proving that what you are offering is beneficial.  

You should think about case study webinars as a video version of your portfolio with customer testimonials included.  

Benefits Of Creating Webinars On Kajabi

Now that you know how to make webinars on Kajabi, and you know the different types of webinars that you can make, it is time to look at why you should make webinars on the Kajabi platform.  

Boost Site Traffic

In order to make your website rank higher on Google and grow authority, you need to provide quality content for your audience to consume.

Providing webinars that can be accessed at any time is going to encourage visitors to your site to return in the future.  

You can also share your webinar link on your social media platforms and in Kajabi newsletters to help drive more traffic to your site through your webinar. 


Producing webinars can soon become a significant expense for your business.

Thankfully, when you use Kajabi it is incredibly easy to make high-quality webinars on a budget, and because you can keep them evergreen on your site, you can produce fewer webinars that can be watched multiple times. 

Kajabi webinars also help to keep the production costs of webinars as low as possible by making the promotion of the webinar easy and simple through social media and newsletters. 

Create Passive Income

One of the main benefits of creating webinars, especially those that are evergreen and can be viewed time and time again is passive income.

If you create webinars that are high-quality and provide useful information to your audience, you can generate income for months or even years from your Kajabi webinars. 

All you need to do to create reliable passive income from your webinars is sell access to the webinar. This can be done through social media or Kajabi newsletters.

You can also use the webinar to generate leads and promote affiliate products. 

Build Brand Awareness

Webinars are incredibly useful for building awareness of your brand. It can also help to build your reputation, credibility, and trust of your audience.

All you need to do is create high-quality, informative content for your webinars to help establish yourself as an authority in your industry or niche.  

Final Thoughts

Kajabi webinars are a great way to boost your business through credibility, trust, and awareness. You can also create passive income and generate strong leads to grow your business further.

There are plenty of different ways to create webinars to keep your audience engaged and interested in your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is A Pre-Recorded Webinar Useful?

Pre-recorded webinars are incredibly useful for your business because they are less stressful and time-consuming to create.

When you create a pre-recorded webinar, you are able to record it at a time that is convenient for you.

You can also take the time to make sure that it is as professional and high-quality as possible before your audience sees it.

With pre-recorded webinars, you have the luxury of being able to record multiple takes to provide the best content possible.

This is something that you don’t have the ability to do when you produce a live webinar.

Why Is A Live Webinar Useful?

Although you don’t have the luxury of being able to record multiple takes for a live webinar, you do get multiple other benefits.

Holding a live webinar can create a stronger relationship between your business and your audience. It can also be tailored to exactly what your audience wants.

The ability to answer questions live at the end of the webinar is a great way to ensure that you have provided accurate and clear information. It can also provide you with immediate feedback on the webinar.

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