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How To Buy Babbel As A Gift

How To Buy Babbel As A Gift

Babbel is a really great language-learning platform that many people love. It has a really sleek app design that is ideal for learning, as well as a whole host of different languages you can easily learn.

It has loads of courses that are curated and created by language professionals and native speakers, and there really is no better way to learn languages than on Babbel.

Whether you use it on the go or choose to sit at your computer for longer learning sessions, you can learn any new language quickly with Babbel.

It’s the shortest path to learning a language if you are planning on visiting or moving to a different country that might use another language. In this case, you may know someone who fits this description, who is moving to a country with a different language. 

Giving the gift of language to another person can be among the best gift options of all, and if your friend or family member is moving to another country the confidence Babbel can give them to get out and communicate with the native peoples is truly something that is unique.

But can you buy Babbel for someone else as a gift? Well, we found out if you can and how to do it. Keep reading our article to learn how to buy Babbel as a gift today!

What Is Babbel?

What Is Babbel?

It might be worth knowing what you are buying your friend or family member before committing to a purchase.

Babbel is a language learning platform, an app that you can use on the desktop or on any device you own. You pick a language and you can excel through various courses in that language which can teach you the grammar, oral proficiency, and writing skills that language requires to be proficient.

Where it differs from competitors is that Babbel has a much more academic and holistic approach to learning languages.

Their courses increase in difficulty so that you can learn everything a language has to offer in detail, allowing you to become proficient as quickly as if you were in that country practicing with a native speaker.

One way they achieve the latter is by allowing native speakers and academics to curate the comprehensive courses and information so that you know you are getting it right from the source of real experts.

What Languages Are Available On Babbel?

Babbel currently has 14 languages available: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, and of course, English. In a study conducted by Yale University researchers, 100% of learners improved their oral proficiency in 3 months.

Is Babbel Free?

You can get a free version of Babbel that allows you access to the first lesson of each course in one respective language.

So you don’t get the full thing, but this could get you up to 80 lessons in certain languages. Yet, this is much more of a trial than free access, more for someone who wants to see what Babbel offers. (See also ‘How Long Does Babbel Take To Learn A Language?‘)

In order to access Babbel’s full features you will have to pay, but this speaks more to the platform’s focus on academic prowess rather than a commercial app.

Babbel doesn’t collect and sell data like other apps, plus they aren’t interested in ads on the platform, they are simply dedicated to providing the best platform to learn languages for those who do pay.

Part of this is that they also need to pay their group of language experts who help the app remain at an academic level.

This said, their choice not to provide a free version shows how much they focus on the paid version, and how it is worth your money.

How To Buy Babbel As A Gift?

Can You Give Babbel As A Gift?

Theoretically, there’s nothing stopping you from simply buying one of Babbel’s subscriptions and allowing someone to have access to the account.

But, this can get a bit nitpicky and generally annoying, so you will be glad to hear that Babbel does actually offer a gift-giving service. Keep reading to learn how it works.

Don’t worry about which language they are learning, as they will choose this themselves when they redeem their gift. The first step is deciding on what level of purchase to make.

The way Babbel works is that you pay for a time-constrained subscription. While this feels counter-intuitive to learning, if you do want to learn a language this sort of deadline can help.

Deciding which subscription level you want to purchase can depend on the level of commitment or language learning the giftee may be looking for. 

3 Month Subscription

A 3-month subscription is the lowest tier of paid subscriptions. This can be good simply just to pay three months of someone’s subscription, allowing them to renew it if they see fit.

But in general circumstances it’s perhaps good for someone going traveling in a country, allowing them to get to grips with the basics of a conversational understanding of a language so they can go out and travel with confidence.

6 Month Subscription

A 6-month subscription is the next tier and would be a great choice for someone who is moving to a country. They can really get to grips with the basics of the language but probably will pick up a lot more while they are exploring the country and learning by talking to the natives.

12 Month Subscription

This is the next tier of subscription on Babbel. This is a great subscription tier to get someone who perhaps isn’t going to be in a country for a while but simply wants to spend some time studying the language they will be speaking in a country, or are just avid language learners.

On the other hand, this could be worthwhile for someone who is learning a language that is particularly hard, like Portuguese, without being in a native-speaking country. The extra time can help them get to grips with a particularly hard language.

Lifetime Subscription

This would be a quite serious gift for someone, but if you know someone who is a globetrotter, picks up languages easily, and is obsessed with being a polyglot, why not gift them this super useful resource?

You can expect this to be expensive, but they unlock everything on Babbel, forever, so it could be an ideal gift for someone who loves learning languages and wants to start learning as soon as possible.

How Many Languages Can You Learn On Babbel?

Babbel only has access to 14 languages as of writing. It is important to note that you can only buy a 3, 6, and 12-month subscription for access to a single language.

For a single language the price decreases a little, and again is ideal for someone who you know will only be learning one language due to traveling or living in a particular country.

Yet, you can also get 6, 12, and Lifetime subscription tiers for all the languages, allowing the person you are gifting this to be able to learn any language they want, even after completing one language’s courses. Ideal for a gift for a person who just loves learning new languages.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s super easy to gift someone the ability to learn a language. When you choose a subscription tier you get sent a simple redemption gift code that you give to the person you are gifting it to. All they have to do is enter the voucher code when they sign up!

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