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Mindvalley Membership What You Need To Know

How Do You Become A Member Of Mindvalley in 2023

If you’ve never heard of Mindvalley University, or if you’re aware of its existence but have never tried it out for yourself, you really won’t want to miss out on one of the most unique and beneficial online learning platforms available today. 

Since 2002, founder Vishen Lakhiani has been providing spiritual-inspired education to millions of Mindvalley membership students worldwide, and with so many reviews out there from consumers singing the praises of this exciting platform.

There’s never been a better time to look into becoming a member and taking on the many “MindValley Quests” it has to offer today. 

Here is the full rundown of all the available membership options for Mindvalley, to know How Do You Become A member of Mindvalley and which might be the best option for you to sign up for. 

How Does Mindvalley Work?

While many online learning programs will provide users with courses that are based around improving and advancing their careers technologically.

Such as Pluralsight for example, Mindvalley instead is much more varied in the topics and subjects that it teaches in its many courses which are called “quests” on the website. 

There are so many different quests for you to jump into once you sign up that it can be hard knowing exactly where to start.

Many classes are designed around restructuring the way we view our lives so that we can be happier and more contempt with where we currently are.

While also providing us with the encouragement we need to achieve our goals and dreams in the future. 

While the founder of Mindvalley Vishen Lakhiani delivers a few of the quests himself.

There are also many other big names such as Jim Kwik and Ken Honda who are very experienced in their respective fields of entrepreneurship and business success that deliver their own masterclass sessions on the platform. 

Mindvalley Membership Options

There are two membership options you can choose when signing up for a Mindvalley account. Both memberships will give you unlimited access to all the quests and extra resources that Mindvalley has to offer its users. 

You can either decide to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription of membership which will cost $99 a month or the yearly membership which is $499 each year. 

It should be noted that when you buy the yearly membership, you will be saving 58% of what you would be paying if you paid for the monthly Mindvalley membership pro over the course of 12 months, so it can be a lot more worthwhile if you know you’re going to be using the service for the long term. 

Does Mindvalley Offer A Free Trial?

In case you were a little unsure on whether the courses that Mindvalley app provides are right for you, the good news is that they offer a 7-day free trial which will grant you access to each and every quest and class hosted by hundreds of speakers and experts across multiple different fields. 

What Is Included In A Mindvalley Membership?

How Do You Become A Member Of Mindvalley

No matter which of the two subscription options you choose yearly subscription or monthly subscription, you will be granted immediate access to all of the quests the platform has to offer, and will also be notified of new and upcoming quests that you are free to jump into once they land on the Mindvalley front page. 

You’re not only able to listen and watch the quests for yourself, but you can even participate in the community section that is attached to each class where you can meet people who have similar goals and interests to you and share what you have both learned from each session. 

Certain quests will also grant you certificates upon completing them which will relate to the area or career path that you have been studying.

For example, if you have aspirations of one day becoming a certified life coach, business coach, or hypnotherapist, these are all career paths that you can step into by earning a certificate from their quests on Mindvalley which are included as part of the membership. 

Some of the more premium quests such as those provided by Lifebook Online are not included in the regular membership which is a shame.

But there are still over 70 quests that are packed full of content that a regular membership will allow you to watch.

Aside from the wide number of quests and the communities that surround them, when you sign up for Mindvalley events.

You will also be able to partake in meditation sessions along with personal growth and personal transformation in Mindvalley mentoring with Vishen Lakhiani himself who is very hands-on and actively involved with the program, providing a great way to get some insight into which careers might be best suited for you going forward. 

A Mindvalley membership will also allow you to use the Connections app which is essentially a bigger and more communal version of the quest communities where each user can freely speak to each other about what classes they have been taking, how their outlook on life has changed after using Mindvalley, and recommend classes to each other.

Is It Worth Subscribing To Mindvalley?

There are many people who argue that Mindvalley is the best self-development educational program that you can use, and we would definitely agree, especially with just how many resources you are granted access to once you sign up. 

Unlike other online learning programs which can be fairly niche or quite dense, making it hard to know where to start, Mindvalley offers such a wide array of quests and classes that it makes it an extremely accessible platform. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness coach, stage director, artist, or even a lawyer, Mindvalley really does benefit anyone regardless of where they currently are in life since the program.

At its core, is all about helping prepare you for the future by enhancing and improving your outlook on life, which is something that we can all benefit from. 

Additionally, all of Mindvalley’s quests get straight to the point and are explained incredibly well thanks to the speakers who are all professionals in their field, and because the quests are also designed to be bite-size, you can easily watch 10-20 minutes every day and still benefit tremendously. 

While the catalog of quests is already massive, Mindvalley is also being updated very frequently with new quests being brought onto the platform every few weeks, keeping things fresh and exciting to see what topics you can learn about next. 

The community tabs are very active and provide a perfect way to interact and feel involved with a larger group of people even while taking the classes at home. 

Overall, the only real downside about Mindvalley is that there are a few premium quests that you are not granted access to even as a member, such as Lifebook Online, though with that being said.

There is so much content to get stuck into when becoming a subscriber that it still makes Mindvalley, without a doubt, the best online platform in terms of self-improvement and career development. 


Mindvalley is grown into one of the most popular and highly-acclaimed online learning platforms on the planet, and with it being updated so frequently and having some amazing speakers and classes already available for members.

It really is a must-buy if you’re looking for a resource to help you achieve your goals and dreams in life.

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