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Martin Barrett
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How To Sell Your Masterclass – Promoting Before It Exists

There are more and more online courses on online course platforms available every day. This means that your e-learning classes face a great competitive market.

Creating your first online course (Click here for ‘How To Create A Masterclass (2022)‘)is just one part to get you started but you will also need to promote your online courses through social media, email campaigns, and other marketing tools.

In this article, we answer the question: “How do I sell masterclass?” and find out how you can promote your masterclass before launch, during the sales period and when a masterclass has sold out.

How To Build Interest In Your Masterclass Before Launch

When it comes to marketing your online courses before they launch, preparation is everything.

You should do a lot of research about what type of online course your students want before you create courses. You can get feedback from potential students with a pilot version of your course.

This will make it easier to sell your course to your target audience once you launched it on your online course platform.

This being said, there are also a few other things you can do to promote your masterclass before it launches. (See here for ‘15 Best Masterclass Marketing Courses You Can Try Today.’)

Offer A Discount Or Advanced Access

Providing advanced access to your online course to a small number of learners can be a great way to get some early sales in.

Plus, these learners can also give you valuable feedback if you need to improve your online course.

You can also offer your students an early bird discount with advanced access. This often entices more potential customers into trying an online course.

You can use your business skills to market your advanced offer on your website, social media platforms, your mailing list, your podcast, and even in the press.

Start A Mailing List

Mailing lists aren’t just a great way to stay in touch with your students but you can also send students and subscribers any useful information about upcoming online courses.

You can use an email marketing tool, such as Mailchimp, to ask potential students to sign up.

It’s important that you only ask them to fill in as few fields as possible, such as their email address and first name.

How To Promote Your Masterclass When It Is Live

The busiest promotion time for your online course is when it is finally live. You can then make the most of your email marketing list and engage with potential students on other platforms.

Here are our top tips on how you can promote your online class after launch.

Send Out Regular Email Newsletters

As you collected student email addresses and you may already have sent some introduction emails, you can now use your email newsletter list to send regular update emails.

This can include a course launch email, little How-To guides to help your students through the online course, and other useful information.

It’s important to keep in mind that you should only send out email newsletters with information that your students or potential students will find interesting and useful.

Generally, it’s better to send out emails as a drip campaign. This means that you send little information regularly. This can be weekly or monthly.

Create And Update Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is the most effective way to stay instantly connected with your students. You can also reach out to a wider and different audience and communicate with potential learners.

That’s why it is essential that your social media profiles are up-to-date. 

Make sure that your contact information, website, and brand logo are recent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and any other social media platforms that you use.

You should also schedule regular social media posts, especially after you launched your online course. 

These posts can be similar to your email campaigns but they should always include a link to your new online course. You can also advertise on a popular Facebook group.

Promote Your Course On Your Website And Your Blog

How do I sell masterclass?

Your website is like your storefront. You will need to make sure that every new product, service, or online course is displayed on your website.

If you use a separate online course creation site, such as Thinkific, then you can include a link to your online course to ensure your regular website visitors find your new online courses.

You can create a banner or link to your online course on your homepage, in your website’s navigation, on your About page, and even on your blog.

You can also write specific blog posts about your new online course. This may not just answer any questions your new potential students may have but can also help drive traffic to your website.

Create A Podcast

A fantastic way to build a loyal following and create interest in your active online courses, as well as future online courses, is by creating a podcast.

Podcasts have become more popular in recent years. You can share valuable tips and advice on your podcast, including a reference to your new masterclass.

While creating a podcast takes some time and effort. It’s a great marketing tool that can help you promote any of your new courses.

Alternatively, if you do not want to create your own podcast, then you can also contact any relevant podcasts to find out if you could give an interview on one of their shows.

Make sure that you explain why you may be a good fit for their show. It’s also important that you add true value to their listeners and avoid any sales pitch.

Host A Live Webinar

Another great option to promote your masterclass course is by hosting a live webinar for any students who are interested to gain knowledge about your course topic.

A webinar can help explain some of the best course-related content and you can also show off your knowledge about the topic.

This is a great way to build trust with potential learners before they buy your course.

After the webinar, you can make the recording available and promote your webinar recording to sell your online course.

How To Promote Your Masterclass After It Has Sold Out

If you don’t offer an evergreen course that doesn’t sell out, then you can use any deadline or final sales date in your sales strategy in such a way as to create urgency with your marketing messages.

If you advise your students that there are only a limited number of spaces left on the course or the deadline is nearing, then this can entice potential students to buy.

Here are some other ways to ensure that you can use your marketing strategy efforts for future courses.

Redirect Potential Students To Other Courses

If a specific course has sold out, then it’s a good idea to send students and learners who were interested in the course to other relevant courses.

If you have a lot of interest in a sold-out course, then you can consider offering the same course in the near future.

You can then direct students to sign up for your mailing list so that they can stay up to date with any upcoming online courses.

Stay In Touch With Your Students

Make sure that you send out regular newsletters, post on social media frequently, and also keep all your other marketing channels updated.

This is an essential sales strategy for any future courses that you may want to promote.

Final Thoughts

You can create interest in your masterclass course in many different ways, from offering advanced online course access to a discount code.

Make sure that you ask potential students to sign up for your newsletter and send out regular emails to stay in touch with your learners.