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How Can I Get My Certificate From Udacity

How Can I Get My Certificate From Udacity?

You’ve spent hours completing your Udacity Nanodegree. Whether it is marketing, data analysis, or even robotics, you worked hard to earn your degree and now you want the world to know. 

Once you successfully complete your Udacity Nanodegree program, you will be awarded a certificate but it may come with some strings attached.

We have everything you need to know about receiving your Udacity certificate and what it could mean for you. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about completing your Udacity course and receiving your certificate!

Do You Receive A Certificate When You Complete A Udacity Course?

When you complete a paid course, a Nanodegree, or an advanced degree you will receive a certificate of completion. This is often in the form of a printable certificate or a shareable certificate which has various uses. 

However, if you decide to complete a course on Udacity for free, you will not receive a certificate of completion. Although, for certain courses, you can pay to receive a certificate. 

With the majority of Udacity students preferring to advance to a Nanodegree, Udacity does not award certificates for Udacity-free courses.

This may be a significant factor as a certificate is often needed as proof of your newfound skills and practical knowledge. 

When you pay for Udacity courses that include real-world projects, career services, and self-paced learning methods, you can acquire a certificate.

These kinds of classes can give you useful information and marketable skills to improve your job search abilities:

  • Scholarship Programs. These are awards that Udacity provides in collaboration with a number of businesses, including Amazon, Shell, and General Motors. Thousands of students have benefited from these scholarships by having many options to enter the labor market and achieve their aspirations for a tech profession.
  • Nanodegree Programs. This is a program that contains 2 or more courses within 1. Once the requirements are met, students will gain job-relevant skills within a specific field. 
  • Single Courses. These Udacity classes are singular events. You can devote a few hours a week to them. These are most effective for those seeking to study certain program topics.

Students studying in a Scholarship Program are able to be awarded a certificate of completion. This program is available to anyone in the world over the age of 18 who is able to understand English.

Although, students are often then required to advance to a Nanodegree in order to gain employment in their chosen field. 

Are Udacity Certificates Worth It?

If you are looking to expand your knowledge and skills or want to learn more about a certain subject to further your career, then Udacity certificates are definitely worth it. 

The distinguishing characteristics of these highlight your strong knowledge of tech course subjects. The online platform’s video lectures, interactive tests, and career guidance services are available to beginners and intermediate students.

How Can I Get My Certificate From Udacity

Udacity has a vast catalog of both free and paid courses that are created in partnership with companies to provide students with the best information.

All are provided by experienced industry professionals who are there to support and guide students for future employment. 

Certificates are included in the price of any paid course. For example, an Executive Program can cost just under $800 and take several months to complete.

Once successfully completed, the student must apply for their completion certificate on completion which will then be available to print or share. 

Share Your Udacity Certificate 

As students complete their paid courses or scholarship programs, they will be awarded a certificate of completion. This can then be printed to have a physical copy or shared on an online learning platform. 

The three main ways to display your certificate to show your worth to potential employers are:

Share On LinkedIn Profile 

LinkedIn is now an essential way to connect and network with others in your chosen field. Making it one of the most effective places to display your knowledge and achievements. 

You must make your LinkedIn profile stand out if you want to stand out in the employment job market. Sharing your qualifications and technical know-how in areas you have mastered is one approach to achieving this.

Create A Certification And Awards Section 

As you create your resume for employers, ensure to add a Certification and Awards section. This is where you will showcase your awards and certificates outside of your high school diploma and a college degree. 

You can be more in-depth in this section and explain the skills and knowledge that you learned during the Udacity course. 


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Create A Portfolio 

A portfolio is an effective way to showcase all of the free course work in one place. Include your Udacity certificate alongside your hands-on projects and any other courses you have completed to show off your hard work. 

How To Obtain An Udacity Certificate

To gain access to your free certificate there are a few steps to complete: 

  1. Ensure you have completed the online course. This means submitting and passing any assignments or projects. 
  2. You will notice a “Graduate” icon in your course classroom once that is finished. Just click it. You’ll see a graduation checklist when the graduation page loads.
  3. In the “Verify Your Identity” box, click “Start.” You must provide a clear photo of your face and a valid ID. The verification procedure could take a day or so.
  4. You will now need to complete a questionnaire about your experience during the course. 
  5. Once completed, review all of your details and submit. 
  6. After everything when the graduation process is completed, select “View Certificate” and access your shareable link. 


Udacity provides access to thousands of free online courses at different levels to help you elevate your knowledge and skills. From business to tech, you can begin a new career or learn the necessary skills to excel in your career. 

However, you cannot gain a certificate on completion when taking a free course. A certificate is only awarded to paid programs or scholarship programs. 

Start exploring the range of courses and gain your certificates of completion to show employers your dedication and knowledge of the field!

We really hope that you have read this complete article and now this will answer your question “How Can I Get My Certificate From Udacity”!

Who knows where you could go!