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Does Pluralsight Own A Cloud Guru? [What You Need To Know]

Does Pluralsight Own A Cloud Guru? [What You Need To Know]

Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru are two companies that offer online training but in different areas. However, when brought together, the companies are able to help one another, strengthening their service to be the strongest it can be. But, does Pluralsight own A Cloud Guru?

Pluralsight is all about upskilling a company’s employees, so that every worker in a team has the technology skills, and knowledge to do their job in the best, most efficient way possible.

With Pluralsight Skills, team members can take part in various labs, assessments, courses, and more in order to improve their business-critical skills. (Check out ‘How Do Pluralsight Coupon Codes Work?‘)

On the other hand, A Cloud Guru is an e-learning training platform that also focuses on improving people’s skills, specifically to do with the cloud.

Various courses help to strengthen the IT knowledge of employees so that they can use the cloud more efficiently, embracing all its potential for improving their business.

In 2021, Pluralsight acquired A Cloud Guru, meaning that Pluralsight does indeed own A Cloud Guru. 

In our handy guide below, we’ve got everything you need to know about the Pluralsight owning A Cloud Guru. We’ve got a full breakdown of the reasons why Pluralsight bought the company, what each business offers, and much more. Read on!

Does Pluralsight Own A Cloud Guru?

As we touched on in the introduction, Pluralsight has owned A Cloud Guru since 2021. The reason for the acquisition of A Cloud Guru is so that both companies could work together, improving the services of each of them. 

Why Did Pluralsight Buy A Cloud Guru?

The cloud has become an incredibly important part of the internet in recent years, especially when it comes to businesses. This is because the cloud is able to put all businesses on an equal footing, regardless of how big they are, because it gives them all access to the same technology.

As a result, small businesses need to make the most of the cloud, and big companies need to make sure they’re embracing the technology to continue staying ahead of the competition. 

A Cloud Guru is a service that revolves around training business employees in using the cloud, so that they can make the absolute most of it, and work with it efficiently and easily.

Pluralsight also revolves around upskilling and training employees in all sorts of technological areas, but it didn’t quite have the training material for the cloud.

As a result, Pluralsight bought A Cloud Guru so that the two could join forces and offer the most comprehensive solution training platform for businesses, offering all the e-learning that Pluralsight did, but also all the cloud skill development journey and expertise that A Cloud Guru was the leader in.

As the Pluralsight website declares, this is a “cloud-driven” world, and so their training platform needed to extend to covering the cloud with content from its biggest names.

What Is Pluralsight?

We’ve already given you an idea of what Pluralsight is, but it’s worth going into a little more detail about them before we cover what they have to offer customers. (See also ‘Pluralsight Review – Is This Platform Worth It?‘)

Pluralsight is an e-learning service focused on upskilling company workforces, improving the knowledge of each individual employee so that their teams can work more harmoniously and efficiently. As for the upskilling, it all revolves around computers and technology skill development – nothing else.

On top of that, all the courses are at a professional level, meaning there isn’t going to be content for entry-level people. Although it’s geared towards workforces, there are courses that individuals can take if they want, allowing a bit more accessibility. 

Courses are created and taught by more than 2000 experts in their individual fields, so you can trust that the knowledge they’re conveying is going to be accurate and essential.

What Is A Cloud Guru?

Does Pluralsight Own A Cloud Guru? [What You Need To Know]

A Cloud Guru is also an e-learning service, but one that’s entirely geared towards educating workforces about the cloud. It is a technology workforce development company and is an incredibly important part of the internet and one that’s always evolving and offering new opportunities.

As a result, A Cloud Guru has a variety of courses that will help upskill workers about the features and advantages of the cloud.

Unlike Pluralsight, A Cloud Guru is a little more accessible to novices, with courses that will help bring them up to more advanced levels. And when they reach those? There’s plenty of educational content for advanced people and beyond too. 

The platform has the largest hands-on cloud learning library out there, with in-depth courses and labs for cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, and more.

Learners will learn by doing, with labs that put them in real-world cloud environments, and there are practice exams and quizzes to help people prepare for certification tests too. It’s an all-in-one solution!

What Does Pluralsight Offer?

Pluralsight offers three different services: Skills, Flow, and Proserv.

Pluralsight Skills

Pluralsight Skills is arguably the key service offered by the platform, filled with thousands of expert-authored courses designed specifically to upskill your workforce. 

Courses are divided into skill levels: Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate. We said earlier that Pluralsight isn’t really for novices, which is why the “beginner” courses are still going to require some knowledge. 

As for subjects, there are various categories. There are courses in IT ops, information and cybersecurity, web development, business professional, software development, creative professionals, and more. Each has plenty of different courses available in it, teaching different facets of these categories.

Pluralsight Flow

Flow, meanwhile, is designed to help workforce teams work more efficiently. It helps you track the work, making sure everybody knows what priorities are, and lessening developer friction. 

The workflow diagnostics that it provides help to reduce cycle time by 35%, allowing each team to deliver faster. 

On top of that, it helps to improve each team member’s health, with smarter leadership and far less burnout. 

Pluralsight Proserv

Proserv is available for both Skills and Flow and aims to help get teams started off with the new platforms on the right foot. 

It helps to configure the other services so that they’re perfectly primed for what your specific company needs, also allowing you to get using them a lot quicker. 

What Does A Cloud Guru Offer?

A Cloud Guru also offers countless features, but they’re all in the same package.


There are hundreds of courses to pick from, all offering technical deep dives into crucial areas of the cloud. 

Courses are divided into skill levels to help people progress confidently. The levels are apprentice, novice, practitioner, and professional. Each has hundreds of courses, and “practitioner” even offers more than 1,500. 

Meanwhile, the courses teach on a wide range of cloud platforms. Everything from Docker, Azure, AWS, Linux, Google Cloud Platform, Chef, and more is covered, with plenty of lessons about various aspects of each.

Skills Assessment

Your company’s cloud talent is clearly tracked, so you know what’s working and what needs work.

Hands-On Labs And Cloud Playground

Both of these put the learners right into risk-free, real-world driving cloud maturity challenges, so they can learn by properly doing things. This really helps to consolidate the knowledge they’ve got from the courses.

Final Thoughts

Pluralsight bought A Cloud Guru so that their extensive tech training network could also upskill users about the increasingly-important cloud.