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David Lynch MasterClass Review 2023

David Lynch is one of the most unique filmmakers there has ever been, famous for his strange and wonderful films, filled with dream-like visuals and surreal moments. However, he has also spent decades as a painter and artist.

If you want to be a creative person in any capacity – films, art, music, or anything else – then David Lynch’s knowledge is essential. But where can you learn from him?

MasterClass! You’ve probably heard of MasterClass, a massive online learning platform that has hundreds of online courses to select from a wide range of famous experts.

Whatever skill you want to learn, there’s bound to be an online course for it on MasterClass, and thankfully this is true with David Lynch.

But what does the David Lynch MasterClass review “ Teaches Creativity And Film” have to offer? Is David Lynch MasterClass worth the money? 

We’ll be answering all this and more in our detailed review below, where we break down David Lynch’s MasterClass and its contents, positives, negatives, and more. Read on!

Who Is David Lynch? 

David Lynch is best known as a filmmaker, having directed some of the most unique and acclaimed films of the past 50 years. 

His first feature-length film was the nightmarish, imaginative “Eraserhead” (1977), which was followed by the beautiful and tragic “The Elephant Man” in 1980.

From there, he made films like the original adaptation of “Dune” (1984), the crime romance “Wild At Heart” (1990), and the dreamy masterpiece “Mulholland Drive” (2001), which a BBC poll declared the greatest film of the 21st century.

As you can see, he’s extremely talented as a film industry director! However, he has also notably worked in television, being the co-creator of “Twin Peaks” – one of the most famous and beloved TV shows of all time.

He also directed all 18 parts of its 2017 revival, “Twin Peaks: The Return”.

On top of his film and television work, he has also spent decades making surreal paintings and artwork. Additionally, he has also had a career in music, releasing his first solo album in 2001. 

If there’s anyone to teach on film and creativity, it’s clearly David Lynch, since he as been so successful in so many different creative outputs.

What Does David Lynch’s Masterclass Offer?

The MasterClass course “David Lynch Teaches Creativity And Film” involves 13 separate lessons, with the entire course clocking in at just under 3 hours.

Each lesson consists of a video hosted by David Lynch and looks at a different aspect of independent filmmaking courses and art so that by the end you’ve been educated on a wide range of different creative parts. 

The Art Life

The first lesson will introduce you to “the Art Life”, a type of purely creative and imaginative wonderful life that David Lynch has deliberately pursued since he was young.

Lynch talks teach you about chasing exciting ideas, and how essential it is to creativity that you explore things deeply.

Ideas Are Everything

If you’ve seen any of David Lynch’s films, you’ll know that they can be filled with abstract images and catching ideas, yet there’s always a coherence hidden within them.

This brilliant approach allows people to draw their own meanings from his work.

As a result, it won’t surprise you that the second and third lessons of the MasterClass heavily feature the importance of incredible ideas.

In Lesson 2, Lynch teaches you how to take great ideas from your own life, as well as your intuition, in order to “unlock” powerful stories. 

Then, in Lesson 3, Lynch tells you how to write feature film scripts with these great ideas.

He doesn’t believe there is a formula for a good script, meaning that his advice will be a refreshing change from some screenwriting course you might have taken – but no less successful. 

Practice Makes Perfect

In Lesson 4, Lynch stresses the importance of experimenting and hands-on practice. If you want to become a successful filmmaker, you can’t just read about it, you’ve got to go out and do it.

In the same lesson, Lynch touches on filmmakers who inspired him, which leads to another essential: you need to go and study other people’s work. 

Characters And Actors

Characters, and their actors, are crucial to film. Without them, you’d have no people on screen! Therefore, Lesson 5 sees Lynch teach you how to cast your films.

When casting, it’s all about collaboration, and you need to find people that are going to bring brilliance to your project and share in the vision.

Then, in Lesson 6, Lynch offers tips on working with your actors. A director needs to direct a performance, and sometimes an actor may not even know what they’re capable of Lynch teaches you how to get their potential.

Obviously, you need to run a happy cast and crew though. In Lesson 7, Lynch teaches you how to create a happy and creative environment where everybody under you is content.

David Lynch MasterClass Review 2023 1

Pieces Of A Film

In Lesson 8, Lynch explains how you can work with production designers to accurately bring your ideas to life. Similarly, Lesson 9 covers cinematography, with Lynch explaining the cinematic look of a film. 

But it isn’t just “look” that’s important, because the sound is too. David Lynch focuses on audio like a few other directors, and here he teaches you how to manage sound design and music to enhance your film. 

Staying True

In Lesson 11, Lynch reminds you that you need to break rules too and that you shouldn’t let yourself be creatively limited by rules. Lesson 12 continues this, David Lynch teaching you to keep true to your ideas always.

Transcendental Meditation

David Lynch is also majorly into Transcendental Meditation, and doing it twice every day allows him to approach his creative freedom with a clear, deep mind. For the final lesson, Lynch guides you on this essential practice.

How Much Does David Lynch’s MasterClass Cost?

The only way to unlimited access to David Lynch’s MasterClass is by taking out a full year’s membership to the MasterClass platform, where David Lynch’s Masterclass cost around $180.

There is no option to only buy Lynch’s class, but at least you get access to all of their other classes for the price.

Additionally, there’s a 30-day refund if you’re not happy. 

The Positives

First off, David Lynch is a master filmmaker and artist, and getting to learn directly from him and his experiences are brilliant if you’re pursuing a similar career.

He has decades of proven, acclaimed experience, and his lessons showcase his technical knowledge.

If you want to be a filmmaker, then his lessons on ideas and screenwriting process, cinematography, directing actors, production design, and sound design are particularly essential.

Though his ideas can be abstract, he does apply some proper rules too.

The Negatives

If you wanted to learn about painting or music, other skills of Lynch, then you’re not going to get as much coverage as the film gets. 

Additionally, though a lot of MasterClass courses are around 3 hours, it would always be nice if Lynch’s course could be longer – especially if it included the other creative process outputs we just mentioned.


  • Valuable, unique film-making education
  • Teacher with decades of experience


  • Could be longer
  • Could cover art and music more

Final Thoughts

David Lynch is a master of the filmmaking process, creativity, and writing process, and his MasterClass provides valuable insight and education from him.

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