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Chris Hadfield MasterClass Review 

Chris Hadfield MasterClass Review 

If you’ve heard about MasterClass, you might assume that the courses are only taught by public figures, celebrities, actors, and singers.

But the learning platform gives you lots of valuable courses featuring advice from many other professionals. An example is the Chris Hadfield MasterClass.

Who is Chris Hadfield? Chris Hadfield is an astronaut who made history as the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space and the first Canadian astronaut to command the International Space Station (ISS).

He has a MasterClass for fans and people who want to learn more about him and his career. Read on for our Chris Hadfield MasterClass review to find out if it’s worth purchasing and what you stand to gain from it. 

Who Is Chris Hadfield? 

Who Is Chris Hadfield? 

Chris Hadfield is an astronaut who has worked with NASA and the U.S. Air Force. In 1992, he and three other people were chosen by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to take the astronaut-training program.

In 1995, Chris Hadfield went to space for the first time. Since then, he’s worked with the Russian space program and has spent 144 days on the ISS.

What made Chris so popular is that he would broadcast videos of himself when he was on the ISS, which gave people a behind-the-scenes view of what the experience was like.

Chris has written four books and is an internationally-bestselling author. He’s also released a musical album and was featured on for his talk, “What I Learned From Going Blind in Space,” which has been viewed over 11 million times.

With his emotional, inspiring stories about life and space, Chris’s content is always well-received and recommended.  

Overview of the Class 

Overview of the Class 

Chris has launched his own MasterClass called Chris Hadfield Teaches Space Exploration. In this course, he teaches subscribers the science of space exploration and takes a look at what the future holds, such as what it would take to make life on Mars a possibility.

This is a MasterClass course that’s a bit different from many others on the learning platform because it’s focused on inspiring people and teaching them about space exploration, something that many people on Earth won’t have a chance to experience first-hand.

This Science and Tech course provides you with a total of 29 video lessons that make up a total of seven hours and 47 minutes. Here’s what you can expect from Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass

Astronaut Training 

Chris Hadfield teaches the scope of an astronaut’s training, such as survival and training skills, both of which are essential for astronauts to learn. As Chris says in the trailer for his MasterClas, “No astronaut launches for space with their fingers crossed.” 

Space Travel 

  • There are many aspects of space that Chris dives into, such as:
  • How rockets work and the physics of how to launch one. 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different rocket fuels. 
  • Technical details about how rockets are designed to deal with the drag of the atmosphere, which is a huge obstacle they need to overcome when being launched into space.
  • The Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) and how it works to keep astronauts alive while working and spacewalking outside the ship. 
  • Principles of simulation setups and how astronauts can plan for worst-case scenarios.
  • The laws of orbital mechanics and how they control navigation. To make this practical, Chris illustrates them with everyday examples such as driving a car. 
  • Virtues and drawbacks of using the capsule model for transporting humans to space. Chris takes a closer look at the designs of the Gemini, Apollo, Soyuz, and Lunar Lander. 
  • The design of the Shuttle and how spacecraft are set to evolve in the future. 
  • How astronauts use instruments, planets, and the stars to find where their spaceship is located. 

The Future of Space 

Chris explores life on Mars, looking at the technical aspects involved in traveling to Mars, ideal flight paths to get there, and what it would take for humans to live on Mars, such as growing food. 

Personal Anecdotes 

This course is filled with Chris’s emotional and inspiring stories. Chris gives viewers insight into the details of what it’s like to get launched into space as well as how it feels to leave Earth.

For example, he outlines his personal story of what it’s really like to fly a spaceship to the ISS.

The advice given by Chris isn’t restricted to space travel. He talks about managing one’s fears and dealing with tragedy. The last video lesson is a bonus one, featuring insights from Chris about how he became an astronaut. 

Pros and Cons 

Pros and Cons 

Here are some advantages, and potential drawbacks, of this MasterClass course. 


  • Chris Hadfield shares personal anecdotes, such as when he talks about his personal tragedy of losing his friend in the Columbia Space Shuttle mission.
  • There is universally-interesting information you’ll learn in this class, such as how astronauts find the ISS by looking at the planets and stars and with the use of instruments.
  • This MasterClass teaches information about the ISS and how its systems are evolving for space travel.
  • Learning about the mental and physical challenges of walking in space from Chris makes this MasterClass interesting.
  • Chris inspires members to pursue their own dreams.
  • This MasterClass comes with a 97-page workbook that goes into greater detail about what’s included in the video lessons.
  • The course is packed with in-depth content that will allow you to explore space vicariously through Chris’s stories. 


  • This MasterClass is based more on theory than practice.
  • The content is quite complex, which some people might find challenging to work through.
  • The course might be too long for some people, as it’s approximately seven hours long. 

Who Is This Class For? 

Who Is This Class For? 

Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass is ideal for people who are aspiring astronauts as it will give them technical information they will benefit from, such as when it comes to what Chris teaches about rocket fuel.

However, you certainly don’t have to want to travel to space to be able to benefit from this MasterClass. This course is wonderful for a variety of people, such as:

  • Space and science lovers. If you love reading or watching movies about space travel, you’ll want to increase your knowledge of space by taking this MasterClass.
  • People who want lots of technical details about space exploration. 
  • People who want to feel inspired by someone’s success story. 
  • Fans of Chris Hadfield, as he provides members with many personal anecdotes and stories about his space travel adventures. 
  • Writers of sci-fi stories, as it will give them lots of information in detailed, technical ways. 

How Much Does This Class Cost? 

How Much Does This Class Cost? 

If you’re interested in taking the Chris Hadfield MasterClass, you’ll have to purchase a subscription to MasterClass, which costs $180 per year. However, there are other plans that you can purchase monthly. To find out more, read “MasterClass Pricing”.

It’s unfortunate that you can’t pay for courses you want without buying a full MasterClass subscription. But, this does give you the benefit of having access to 150+ courses run by the most renowned people in their fields.

To find out more about what courses to take, read our guide, “Best MasterClass Courses”, and “Masterclass Review”, so you can find out if it’s worth it for you to purchase. 

Users’ Experience 

Users’ Experience 

The Chris Hadfield MasterClass is well-received by many people who have watched it. Some of the most notable user experiences from around the internet include the following:

  • “Chris’s course is a captivating, enthralling one that’s run by someone who has a wealth of information”.
  • “Chris’s MasterClass is inspiring and incredible, as well as excellently produced”. 
  • |It’s one of the best series of space shows that you’ll get to see from an actual astronaut. Even though some people have gone to space, only a few are able to explain it in such a brilliant way”.
  • “The advice featured in Chris’s video lessons can be applied to real life. For example, when he discusses how his friend died because of a space shuttle disaster, hearing his story was emotional and profound”.


If you’re interested in learning more about space travel, you’ll want to check out Chris Hadfield’s MasterClass.

Ultimately, this is a beautiful, well-produced, and inspiring MasterClass course; you don’t have to be an astronaut-in-training to appreciate it. We hope that our review will help you decide whether it’s the right course for you.


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