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How To Sell Services On Podia?

Can I Sell Services On Podia?

Podia is one of many platforms across the Internet that allows you to sell services directly to customers. Unlike many other platforms, Podia focuses to sell digital products online and digital services such as digital downloads, online courses, and coaching.

If you’re looking to see any of these services, you will probably have heard of Podia and might be wondering if it is the right service for you. There are many other platforms out there that allow you to sell these services as well so how Podia works and how it can help you sell your services is important to know.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Podia and know if can I sell services on Podia. We will look at what Podia does, how it works, and how much it costs. Let’s get started.

What Services Can I Sell On Podia?

Podia allows you to sell a wide range of different digital products and services. These are divided into five different categories.

  • Online course – this allows you to create a series of lessons in the format of files, posts, and quizzes
  • Digital download – this allows you to offer one or several files for direct download
  • Webinar – this allows you to offer access to a video seminar via services such as Zoom and YouTube
  • Coaching Session – this allows you to offer one-to-one coaching sessions with customers
  • Bundle – this allows you to sell a collection of products for a price that you set

As you can see, there are several services you can sell via Podia, and most of them lean toward education and coaching. If you are working in these areas, then Podia might be the best platform for you and your online business.

How Does Podia Work?

Compared to many competitor sites, Podia is a more stripped-back and simplified platform. This can be a positive or a negative depending on what you want from a site, how experienced you are, and how much time you have. Podia allows you to create your own website to sell your services.

Depending on the membership tier you have (more on that later) you can create a website with a unique domain name and various pages to help promote your brand and the services you’re selling. Many of the products you can sell through Podia are easy to create thanks to Podia’s builder software.

You can build courses directly in Podia with only a few clicks and don’t need any other software to create these. You can set your own prices and for the paid levels of membership, you will receive all of the money made from selling the services. The free tier does have an 8 percent transaction fee.

Guide To Selling Services On Podia

Podia is very easy to set up and has a very clean interface with some great advanced features. You will be guided through the initial set-up process by the site so even if you are completely new to building websites and making your own material, you should be able to do this without any trouble.

During the set-up process, Podia will ask you some questions about what you wish to achieve during your time with Podia. Don’t worry too much about these questions as they are just to get you started.

Your answers dictate the set-up steps Podia automatically offers you as you begin the set-up process and you can manually do anything you missed later. You aren’t deciding anything that can’t be altered later.

Step One – Sign Up For Podia

This is a straightforward step and should be recognizable to anyone that has ever signed up for a site before. You will need to give a name, email, and password to create a free account.

Step Two – Decide What You Wish To Accomplish

The next page will ask you to choose what you hope to accomplish with Podia and will offer a list of options. As we stated above, the options you select here will influence the settings it asks you to set up in the next step and are not permanent decisions. The options are:

  • Send email
  • Launch a website
  • Start a community
  • Sell online courses
  • Sell digital downloads
  • Sell webinars
  • Sell coaching sessions
  • Affiliate Program

Pick as many of these as you feel are suitable for your current ambitions and then click “Show me my dashboard.”

Step Three – Dashboard

You will now be taken to your dashboard where you can begin to set up your Podia site. If you haven’t confirmed your email address already, you should do this now. There are several options available to you.

Most of these relate to the selections you made in the previous section but you will also be given the option to watch a video or read a beginners guide to help you get started with Podia. You will also be able to choose which membership tier is best for you here.

Whichever goal you choose to work on, you will find that Podia guides you through each process. For example, if you choose to create an online course, you can watch a video tutorial or read a guide to help and then choose from several different formats, such as text, embedded video, quiz, or coaching.

You can also upload files to your lessons. You can set prices for each item you create and if you have the right tier of membership you can also nominate additional services of yours that will be offered to customers during the checkout process. Everything is very clear and simple to create.

How Much Does Podia Cost?

Can I Sell Services On Podia

In the previous section, we mentioned a couple of times that Podia services and functionality are dependent on the level of membership that you have so let’s take a closer look at these.

There are several different levels of membership on Podia and the level of membership directly affects how much can sell on the platform and how much money you can make. You will need to look at each level of membership in turn and see which will be best for you and your services.

Podia allows you to pay either monthly or annually. There is a discount of 17 percent if you choose to pay yearly. It is very easy to switch between different tiers so if you do choose the wrong tier for your needs, you can upgrade or downgrade. This is easier with monthly subscriptions than annual ones, of course.


As the name of this tier suggests, it is completely free and doesn’t require any payment to access. This is a very limited tier but it is enough for you to get the feel of the platform before you commit any money. It does allow you to sell a few services on Podia but this is limited to one digital download and one coaching product.

You can’t sell online courses, webinars, or bundles at all. You will get your own website but not a custom domain. You can create a community with unlimited topics and members but no videos can be uploaded. Anything that you sell on this tier will attract an 8 percent transaction fee that Podia will collect.


This is the lowest-paid tier available and it costs either $39 per month or $396 annually. This is more suited for small entrepreneurs that are just starting their teaching and coaching careers.

It allows you to sell an unlimited number of online courses, digital downloads, and coaching products so if this is all you’re selling, this tier may be enough for you. However, you can’t sell any webinars or bundles.

You will get a website with a custom domain, the ability to add videos, and limited access to the analytics offered by Podia. There are no Podia fees on this tier or any of the higher tiers.


The next level of paid membership site is the Shaker tier and this costs $89 per month or $900 annually. This is a more complete tier. Like Mover, you can sell an unlimited number of online courses, digital downloads, digital product, and coaching products, and this tier also adds the ability to sell unlimited webinars and bundles.

You can also offer course certificates to your customers. This tier also gives you access to affiliate marketing and you can turn off the Podia branding on the site to make it look entirely yours.


The most expensive and comprehensive paid tier is Earthquaker. This costs $199 per month or $1992 annually. The Earthquaker tier gives you everything that Shaker does but with a few extras.

These are mainly priority support and team seats for multiple users. This is the best tier for businesses with multiple employers and high sales.

What Are the Advantages of Podia?

Now that we’ve looked at all the features of Podia and the price range, let’s look at how it can be of benefit to you and your business as you sell your services.

The Native Course Builder

We’ve spoken about this a little throughout the article already, but if your primary use for Podia is creating and selling online courses, then Podia is a great choice. Of all the different services Podia offers, online courses are the most popular and it’s because of the course builder and how easy it is to use.

There is no complicated coding or templates to use. You simply drag and drop content into place and can move sections around just as easily. You can format any text that you input to your courses with a touch of a button and you can upload other media into your lessons, such as images, PDFs, or videos.

Promote Your Products

There are multiple ways that you can promote your products with Podia. Some of these are dependent on your level of membership so keep that in mind, but even the lowest levels give you several options.

Some of the options are what you would expect from a service like Podia, such as email marketing lists and discount codes. You can suggest related products so that when a customer buys one of your products they are presented with several that may be of interest.

You can also launch a referral and affiliate program and promote your products on a more personal level through chat support and coaching sessions.

No Fees On Paid Memberships

If you choose one of the paid membership tiers, you will not need to pay any fees to Podia. Many of Podia’s competitors such as Gumroad do charge commissions on your sales but Podia doesn’t. It also pays you very quickly for your sales as well.

Easy To Build A Website

Part of Podia’s services includes the ability to build a website around your services. This step should not be overlooked as you can use the sales pages of your site to promote your services and explain exactly why customers should purchase your content.

If you’re used to other website-building services such as WordPress you might be disappointed by the lack of customization offered by Podia, but there is still plenty you can do with your website. 

You can create separate landing pages for each service and product you sell and add an About Us page so customers know your credentials and why they should trust you. Once you’ve made a few sales, why not add a customer testimonials sales page to further promote how good your products are?

You can add as many pages to your website as you need to and add a site search to make navigation even easier. Your website might be the first time a customer interacts with you and your products so you need to use it correctly.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we took a deep dive into how you can sell services on Podia. We explained the selling digital products and services that you could sell, how much you should expect to pay, and how Podia’s services work.

If you’ve been considering using Podia as all in one platform for selling your services, we hope that this article will help you decide whether it is the platform for you or not.

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