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Martin Barrett
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Bob Iger Masterclass Review

Bob Iger Masterclass Review 2023

Bob Iger, the former CEO of the massive Walt Disney Company, lends his business talents to the popular Masterclass platform, to show you how you can build any company to be the best it can be!

Walt Disney is the owner of famous beloved brands and fictional characters like Captain Marvel, and Black Panther.

However, considering how expensive Masterclass courses can be, you’re no doubt looking to find out whether Bob Iger’s own masterclass is worth the cost of admission.

If so, you have come to the perfect place, because we are going to dive deep into the course to find out what is contained within, and whether it is worth your hard-earned money. Read the Bob Iger MasterClass review below to get started now!

What Does The Bob Iger Masterclass Pros Are?

Over the course of 13 video lessons, which build up to approximately 2 hours and 11 minutes of content, those that purchase the course will learn about numerous things that can help an individual to make it in the business world.

Two hours is around the average cumulative length of an average Masterclass course. Lessons included within the course include ones on topics such as time management and the importance of risk-taking.

He also teaches business strategy and leadership and how creating brand value can help you in your career.

What Are The Best Lessons In The Bob Iger Masterclass Course?

One of our favorite lessons in the course is lesson number 4 ‘Taking Giant Swings: Pixar Acquisition Case Study’. In this incredible episode, Bob Iger explores how he was able to acquire the rights to the Pixar studio, and how he overcame all of the odds to make the deal happen.

Considering how big of a role Pixar plays in the company to this day, there’s a lot to be learned about the importance of risk-taking. And if you are a big Disney princess fan, then you can’t go wrong with learning a little more about the company’s extensive history!

We also highly enjoyed the 8th lesson ‘Anticipating What Consumers Want’. This lesson illustrates the importance of market research, and how to go about it in an effective way, but also how to balance careful market research with risk-taking or more creative business decisions.

This lesson further illustrates the value that Iger places on risk-taking and creativity, which makes for very inspiring listening.

We also could not possibly go without mentioning lesson 9, which is all about the importance of risk-taking, and really brings together all of the topics covered in prior lessons to create a cohesive whole!

To help explain the importance of risk-taking, Bob talks about some of the many projects that Disney animation team had to take a risk on.

Some may have failed, but many others have succeeded brilliantly. This lesson covers the importance of these risks in perfect detail.

How Useful Is Bob Iger’s Masterclass?

Bob Iger’s Masterclass course is generally tailored towards those that are already in high positions in companies, or even business owners themselves. This means that its effectiveness may vary depending on the amount of existing experience of the learner.

However, though Bob Iger’s Masterclass is best recommended to those already in a powerful position at a company, there are numerous lessons that can be gleaned from his Masterclass course that can actually be applied in other ways.

Some advice can be applied to everyday life, to help make an individual more productive. For example, in lesson number 2, Bob Iger discusses managing industry disruption, and some of the many things he has learned over his career, and these tips can easily be applied by everybody.

How Much Does Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course Cost?

Bob Iger Masterclass Review 2023 1

Of course, one of the most important factors in determining the value of this course is its price. Because of Masterclass’ subscription model, it is not actually possible to buy individual courses on the platform.

In order to gain access to the Bob Iger Masterclass, you will need to subscribe to the platform itself. This will give you access to all courses on the platform, as well as the various extra learning resources included with many of the courses.

This could be beneficial if there are multiple courses you are interested in alongside the Bob Iger course. A Masterclass subscription costs $10 per month, or can be subscribed to for $120 per year for an extra saving.

This is quite a hefty monthly fee, so you should make sure that there is something else of value alongside the Bob Iger course to make the subscription worthwhile to you.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to recommend subscribing to the platform just to access the Bob Iger course, as it would not be worth that price.

Is Bob Iger’s Masterclass Course Good?

Definitely. While the course may not be the most mind-blowing offering to be found on Masterclass, there are still plenty of interesting things to be gleaned from the course.

The use of interesting case studies makes it easier to understand everything being taught, while also providing some very fascinating insight into one of the world’s biggest companies.

The production values of this course also shine through in every lesson. The lessons are filmed with expert precision, with images that pop, and the audio is crisp and clear, making it always easy to follow along.

As well as this, despite being marketed towards business owners, or those in positions of power within a company, the course would also prove very valuable to anyone that is learning the ropes of entrepreneurship.

This course is particularly valuable as there are very few courses online that can cater to amateur entrepreneurs that are led by experienced entrepreneurs.

Is Bob Iger Masterclass Worth The Subscription Fee?

This is a little more tough to answer. We would not recommend purchasing a membership to Masterclass just to gain access to this course, as there are a number of downsides that hold it back from glory.

The most clear drawback is that the course is relatively short. While each lesson covers some very good ground, some of them feel extremely short. Some lessons extend to around 20 minutes, while others reach as little as 9 minutes in length.

Many times, when lessons began to feel like they were picking up steam, they were actually heading toward their conclusion!

However, if you were to purchase a Masterclass membership with the intention of checking out more classes, then the advice contained within Bob Iger’s course could still prove very valuable, and worth the cost of admission.

There are few better people to learn about entrepreneurship from than Bob Iger, so while this course may lack in length, it more than makes up for it with effective advice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bob Iger Good?

As a businessman and CEO of Walt Disney World, Bob Iger was very respected in his field, especially for the acquisitions of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar, all of which have proven to be very valuable deals.

Is MasterClass Worth The Money?

Definitely. For its small monthly fee, you can gain access to numerous Masterclasses taught by some of the most respected people in specific industries.