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Alicia Keys MasterClass Review

Alicia Keys MasterClass Review

If you’re interested in pursuing a music career, you’ll naturally want to learn tips from the best in the business. Many singers and musicians branch out into other aspects of the industry, such as production or music writing.

Alicia Keys is an example of an artist who has achieved this with great success. If Alicia inspires you, or you’re a big fan, you might love the idea of subscribing to the Alicia Keys MasterClass where you can learn more about her craft and career. 

What is the Alicia Keys Masterclass? This MasterClass contains 19 video lessons run by Alicia Keys herself that teach you about vocal arrangements, melodies, lyrics, and creative collaborations. They also give you insights into Alicia’s life and wisdom.  

This MasterClass will teach you lots of new information about Alicia Keys. However, should you invest in this class if you want to embark on a career in the industry? Read our Alicia Keys MasterClass review to find out.

Who Is Alicia Keys? 

Who Is Alicia Keys? 

Alicia Keys is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She has released eight studio albums and earned four No. 1 hit singles, including memorable songs such as “Fallin’” and “No One.”  

In 2001, Alicia Keys first hit the scene and claimed fame with the release of her debut album, “Songs in A Minor.” It sold over 12 million copies worldwide and garnered her much critical acclaim. 

In 2005, Alicia released a live album called “Unplugged” and became the first woman to have an MTV Unplugged album debut as a number-one hit. 

Since the start of her career, Alicia has won 15 Grammy awards and received 30 Grammy nominations.

She’s also brought home BET awards, iHeart Radio awards, and MTV Video Music Awards, to mention a few. Over the years, she’s accumulated a total of 271 awards! 

Keys writes some of her music along with performing it. Some songs that she has penned include hits such as “Caged Bird,” “Fallin’,” “If I Ain’t Got You,” and “Impossible.” 

Overview Of the Class 

Overview Of the Class 

Alicia Keys’ MasterClass is focused on teaching songwriting and producing. The video lessons run for a total of three hours and 22 minutes. You’ll gain access to the classes and receive a 15-page workbook with additional information.

During these video classes, Alicia Keys teaches from different settings, including her piano room, recording booth, and music studio. 

Here’s a rundown of what the 19 lessons include: 

  • Short Introduction from Alicia Keys.
  • Alicia’s Musical Foundation and Influences. In this lesson, Alicia teaches members about her inspirations.
  • Start with Melody and Lyrics. Alicia shares information about how she develops her song lyrics.
  • Alicia, the Songwriter. Alicia shares information about writing poetry, journalling, and using life as inspiration for music.
  • Bring All the Elements Together. In this episode, Alicia explains the elements of songwriting and focuses on her hit song “Fallin.”
  • Connect To the World Around You. Alicia explains her method of using connection to enhance her creative voice.
  • Songwriting with Empathy. Alicia teaches the importance of infusing powerful songwriting with empathy and how to do this.
  • Alicia, the Producer. Talking directly from inside her sound booth, Alicia explains the roles she takes to produce her unique sound.
  • Vocal Arrangements. Alicia teaches various vocal arrangements.
  • Build Energy in the Booth. This lesson provides a personal view into how Alicia uses physical, emotional, and mental processes to care for her art and herself.
  • The Anatomy of an Anthem. Alicia talks about what makes a song become an anthem.
  • Alicia’s Retro-Futuristic Sound. Alicia sheds light on influences that have contributed to her sound.
  • Alchemy in the Control Room. Alicia explains how she uses different instruments for creativity.
  • Instruments to Boost a Big Sound. Learn about Alicia’s favorite instruments and the methods she uses to produce her unique sounds.
  • Creative Collaboration. Alicia teaches about the importance of collaborations and how they influence creativity.
  • Sisterhood in the Music Industry. Alicia looks at women in the industry and explores her efforts to make room for silenced voices.
  • Rising Artist Spotlight: Joy Nesbitt’s “Echo. In this class, Alicia advises a young artist from her music organization.
  • Power and Purpose. Alicia gives insight into her philosophies of setting boundaries, listening to your body, and tapping into your intuition. 
  • Always Be Learning. Alicia shares her ideas about living a creative life. 

Now, let’s examine some specific pros and cons of this MasterClass


  • Alicia provides lessons that feature a variety of tips and advice instead of focusing on just one aspect of her music career. This makes it a versatile MasterClass that can benefit many people. 
  • If you’re a fan of Alicia Keys, you’ll love learning more about her, such as her philosophies, musical inspirations, and favorite instruments. 
  • This MasterClass sheds light on unique aspects of the music industry, such as women’s place in music. This makes it relevant to our current world and issues in the industry.
  • Alicia Keys is a great instructor who’s been called engaging, charming, and captivating (via Idea Pod). 
  • You’ll receive a 15-page workbook that contains biographical details about Alicia, such as her inspiration and experiences. This is a beautiful keepsake for fans. 


  • The classes are focused on Alicia’s anecdotes. They don’t feature many direct, practical tips for someone who wants to enter the music industry. 

Who Is This Class For? 

Who Is This Class For? 

Many people would enjoy and benefit from taking the Alicia Keys MasterClass. This class is mainly for: 

  • People who are big fans of Alicia Keys and want to get a behind-the-scenes view of her music production processes. 
  • People who want to gain more insight into the personal experiences of a chart-topping artist. 
  • People who love the idea of a more holistic approach to music. In the course, you will learn the philosophies behind Alicia Keys’ music creation process.
  • People who already have a foundation in music and want to gain personal insights from a leading musician. 
  • People who are aspiring musicians and who could use a boost of confidence. Alicia inspires people with her advice, which includes tips on being more confident and making your own decisions. 

How Much Does This Class Cost? 

Alicia Keys MasterClass Review 1

You can’t purchase the Alicia Keys MasterClass videos individually. Instead, you have to buy an annual subscription to MasterClass, as this gives you access to Alicia Keys’ lessons. 

MasterClass costs $180 per year, which is approximately $15 per month. To learn more, read “MasterClass Pricing”.

The subscription gives you access to Alicia Keys’ MasterClass and those run by other celebrities. If you’re a music lover, you’ll also want to check out MasterClass lessons by other musicians, such as Christina Aguilera and Timbaland. 

Music lessons aside, a MasterClass subscription also gives you access to more than 150 classes on 11 different subjects, such as cooking, design, business, photography, and more.

To find out more, read our guide, “Best MasterClass Courses”. You can also learn about MasterClass in general and if it’s worth subscribing to by reading “MasterClass Review”.

Users’ Experience 

Users’ Experience 

Here’s a summary of what people across the Internet have said about Alicia’s class:

  • This MasterClass provides fascinating glimpses into how Alicia Keys crafts music, but her lessons are done humbly. Alicia is full of smiles and shares some humor along the way, which makes her class feel warm and engaging. 
  • The lessons focus on Alicia’s passion for music. As she says in the MasterClass trailer on YouTube, “To me, music is not technical, it’s emotional.” 
  • The MasterClass focuses on Alicia’s wisdom, not just when it comes to music but in life. Some lessons include the importance of making space for good things in life and the importance of pursuing positive experiences. These words of wisdom aren’t restricted to music creation but can be used to inspire people in general.
  • There’s less focus on the techniques of making music than on the passion and inspiration, which can be frustrating for people hoping for the former. Based on this, the title of the MasterClass – Alicia Keys Teaches Songwriting and Producing – should perhaps have been tweaked to reflect that it’s not going to give a lot of in-depth information about how to succeed in music. 


If you love Alicia Keys and want to learn more about the star’s career journey, you should sign up for her MasterClass.

You will witness a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life, see how she writes and produces music, and learn more about her holistic approach to life and work. Most importantly, you will get inspired to pursue your dreams.