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natalie portman masterclass review

Natalie Portman Acting Masterclass Review

For aspiring actors and actresses taking an acting masterclass could be the first step to fulfilling their dream acting career.

Many famous people have taken to sharing their skills, knowledge, and experience to help others start their acting journey. Natalie Portman is one example of an actress who has taken up the challenge to share her expertise and help others. 

In 2011, Natalie Portman launched her Masterclass project, where she taught aspiring actors and filmmakers everything she knew about acting.

Now, over five years later, she’s finally finished teaching everyone what she knows. What should you expect to learn in Natalie Portman Masterclass Review?

Course Summary 

In this course, you’ll learn how to use improvisation techniques to create believable scenes with minimal preparation. 

You’ll start with a scene where you are given a few moments to prepare and then work with a set, props, and a green screen to develop your ability to act realistically with a green screen. 

Next, you’ll move into a short play that requires you to balance improvising with truth-telling, and finally finish up with some tips on developing your acting in relation to your character.

About Natalie Portman 

Natalie Portman is an American actress, producer, and director. In addition to being nominated for three Academy Awards, she won a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in 1998 for Black Swan.

Her developing performance in the 2011 film Black Swan earned her another nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Oscar winner Natalie Portman has been in countless other blockbuster movies so what better person to learn the craft of acting? 

Course Structure 

Natalie Portman’s MasterClass is now live on She covers everything from acting basics to how to navigate Hollywood.

The acting class includes 20 lessons to explore, each lasting about 10 minutes. There are also three workbooks included, totaling over 60 pages of material.

High-Quality Content 

Natalie Portman took over YouTube with her video tutorials and her MasterClass videos are no different. 

Her lessons vary widely in style and content, giving students plenty of options to learn what suits them best. The beauty of this approach is that it gives students plenty of choices. 

Some people prefer watching a lecture; others enjoy watching a demonstration. Some want to see Natalie demonstrate something while others just want to hear about it.

Let’s look at the individual lessons in more detail. 

Natalie Portman Acting Masterclass Review

Lessons 1-3

In Lesson 1, Natalie introduces herself and shares some of the things she did growing up. She talks about her love of theater and explains how she developed her skills as an actress. 

In Lesson 2, Natalie dives into creating a timeline to help you in character development. She discusses the importance of setting goals and how to work towards those goals. She also shares tips on how to keep yourself motivated and focused throughout your project.

In addition to the above Natalie gives advice on how to prepare, and shares her thoughts on what makes for a good audition. She even offers some advice on how to handle rejection on stage.

Lessons 4-6

Natalie shares lessons learned about developing your character’s physicality during filming in this lesson. Then, she demonstrates how to use those lessons to help develop your own acting skills. 

Finally, she provides a case study of how she used her knowledge of body language to bring Nina Simone to life.

Lessons 7-8

In Lesson 7 you’ll look at how to play a character based on someone real. You will discuss the importance of researching the subject and what the key elements are. In addition, you’ll also consider how to use our own experiences as a basis for creating performances.

In Lesson 8 you’ll take a closer look at how to develop performance. You’ll explore different types of work, including improvisation and monologue, and how to apply these techniques to developing a performance.

Lessons 9-10

In part one of this lesson, you’ll be introduced to Natalie’s dialect coach, Tanya. She shares her background and experience working with actors and offers insight into what it takes to become a great dialect coach. 

You’ll discover why dialect coaching is important, and how to find the best dialect coaches for yourself.

In part two, you’ll dive deeper into how to actually apply dialect coaching techniques to improve your accent. You’ll hear some of Tanya’s favorite exercises she uses to help actors improve their accents.

And I’ll give you some tips on where to go to find dialect coaches near you.

Lessons 11-13

In Lesson 11, Natalie talks about how to work on a set. She explains that there are many ways that actors can show up on set and still give a good performance.

She starts off by talking about how she works on sets where she knows everyone involved, including the director, cinematographer, production designer, costume designer, makeup artist, etc.

She says that it helps to know the people who are around you because it gives you context for everything that happens.

Next, Natalie covers improvisation. She says that improvising is something that every actor needs to do, whether they’re on stage or on camera. She says that improv is essential because it allows actors to make things happen without having to rely on scripts.

Finally, Natalie discusses how to connect with other people on set. She says that it’s important to remember that everyone on set is human and that we all want to feel respected and cared for.

Lessons 14 -15

Natalie shares some tips about improvising and working with the set on set. She explains how improvisation works on stage and how it translates into scenes being shot in front of a green screen. She demonstrates how to use props and cameras to help tell the story of the script.

Lessons 16-17

In this lesson, Natalie Portman teaches acting and how actors can use green screen acting technology to make themselves look like different people.

She gives advice on how to make yourself look believable while acting out scenes, including some tips on how to act truthfully with a green screen. She also shares her thoughts on what it takes to foster a positive work environment.

Lesson 17-19

For Natalie, the relationship with her directors is by far the most significant factor when deciding what projects to take on. She explains why this is the case and how she approaches working with different directors.

Natalie shares some of her favorite successful collaborations and offers advice on how to approach working with directors.

Lesson 20 

Throughout this MasterClass, Natalie leaves behind some parting words of wisdom about what all this means. Natalie teaches you what active empathizing is and how you can apply it on set in order for everyone to perform their best.

She believes that active empathy is a way to connect with others. It’s something you can practice every day and bring to the set, whether you are directing actors, working with writers, or making sure everyone feels heard during production meetings.


The acting masterclass self-taught actor online course by Natalie is an amazing experience. She has such great insight into the world of the acting process and filmmaking. 

Her knowledge of the industry is extensive, and she shared so much valuable information.  If you have any interest in becoming an actor, then Natalie Portman Masterclass worth is priceless!

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