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Aaron Franklin Masterclass: Is It Worth It In 2023

Aaron Franklin is one of America’s most beloved chefs. He’s got a recipe for success, and it starts with a love of food and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make things happen.

Aaron is also the co-founder of Franklin Barbecue, a meat-smoking restaurant in Austin, Texas. In 2009, Aaron and Stacy Franklin opened the barbecue trailer alongside I-35 in west Austin, where they served smoked meats for free to anyone willing to wait in line.

Today, crowds stand in line all day long for a chance to sample his award-winning brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage, turkey, and sides like potato salad and macaroni salad.

Let’s read the Aaron Franklin Masterclass review to find whats so special about his food.

Masterclass Overview 

In his new 16-part Masterclass, Aaron Franklin promises to show you exactly how he would teach a staff member at Franklin Texas BBQ joint. He shares tips like “how to make a perfect brisket,” “the secrets to making amazing pulled pork” and “what makes a good rub.”

The course starts off with some history on Aaron and his family, including where he grew up, why he went into food, his career path, and how he got into barbecue.

Then it dives straight into the meat. First, Aaron Franklin teaches Texas-style BBQ and different cuts of beef quality and pork and explains how to choose the right cut for each type of home cooking method.

Next, he goes over the importance of marinades and rubs and gives you tips on how to use them. After that, he covers the basics of smoking meats, such as temperature control, humidity levels, and types of wood.

Finally, he takes you through the process of finishing sauces and sides and even offers advice on how to sell your barbecue.

If you’re thinking about getting into barbecuing, this is definitely one of the most comprehensive courses out there. If you’ve ever wondered how to cook a particular cut of meat, or how to smoke a specific style of meat, this is a must-watch.

What’s Included?

The Masterclass is broken into sixteen parts. Each part consists of a videocast where Aaron teaches a topic, and has a companion PDF download that includes additional resources.

Some sections are longer than others; the Brisket section is the longest with five separate parts, while the section on Baking Bread is shorter with just one video.

Each video ranges from 5 -35 minutes in length, with most ranging from 10 – 20 minutes. There are no prerequisites for taking the Masterclass, just a love of cooking. 

In all the lessons Aaron cooks over a large offset-style smoker. 

In Aaron Franklin’s BBQ Guide, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on what to do, where to buy ingredients, and how to build a smoker. You’ll find detailed information on every aspect of smoking food. From choosing wood chips to building a pit, everything you need to know is covered here.

You’ll also discover why it’s important to choose the best equipment, how to maintain it properly, and how to avoid common mistakes. And finally, there’s a section called “The Recipes,” where Aaron shares his tips and tricks for making some of his most popular dishes.

A MasterClass subscription will set back you $15 per month, charged annually so the yearly price is $180.

Instructor Quality 

Aaron is a great instructor because he teaches great techniques without being condescending. He doesn’t try to make it look easy, but rather makes sure everyone understands it can be challenging but with practice, anyone can do it.

Plus, he always provides a lot of context into why things are done the way they are; This really helps with the learning process

His lessons are well-organized and structured, and he does a great job explaining complex topics in a simple manner. His video quality is high, too.

Let’s take a look in more detail at what’s included in the masterclass

Aaron Franklin Masterclass Review


Smoke, Fire, Wood 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking on a smoker is thinking that they just need to put the food in there and turn it on high heat. This isn’t necessarily true. Every type of smoker has a way to control the temperature inside the chamber.

Some smokers even come with digital controls that let you set the temperature precisely. But most of us don’t have access to fancy equipment like that.

And while both of those tools can help you keep track of the temperature inside the chamber, neither of them does much to help you manage the fire itself.

In the section: Fire & Smoke, Wood, and the Offset Smoker Aaron show you how to build a fire and manage the smoke during the cook. He starts out with a simple setup using just a few pieces of wood. 

He then moves on to something slightly more involved, adding a couple of logs and a piece of scrap metal to the fire to add a little extra character.

Finally, he ends things with an example of how to use a Pellet Grilling technique to add a smoky flavor to foods without actually smoking them.

The Recipes 

Pork Butt 

The first recipe in the MasterClass is for pulled pork ribs. He uses pork butt which is a forgiving piece of meat, and one that’s easy to make.

You don’t need fancy equipment to pull off a great smoked pork butt. In fact, there are no formal recipes here—just a few tips to help you achieve success.


As Aaron explains, ribs sit somewhere in the middle of the meaty spectrum. They are leaner than a beef short rib but fattier than chicken breast.

Aaron uses a modified version of what he calls the 3-2-3 method for cooking ribs. This involves prepping the bones, wrapping them, covering them, and cooking them.

He says it’s important to wrap them tightly to avoid drying out and cracking during cooking. And since there are no rules about how long to cook ribs, you want to make sure they don’t overcook.

If you’re planning ahead, Aaron recommends making up a batch of sauce and serving it alongside the ribs. It makes cleanup easier too.


Brisket is the most popular cut of meat in central Texas barbecue joints. There are many different ways to cook brisket, and Aaron covers some of those methods here. 

He starts off with the basics – how to select and prepare a good piece of brisket. Then moves on to the best way to smoke it, including his favorite wood combinations. Finally, he talks about what makes great Texas-style BBQ.

Final Thoughts 

I think this is a great option for anyone looking to learn about barbecuing. It’s great how Aaron breaks down the process into easy-to-understand steps. This isn’t just another “how to cook barbecue meat” class; it covers everything from where to find the best meats to cooking techniques. 

The videos are short and concise, making sure you absorb every detail. There are no long-winded explanations or rambling monologues. Instead, there are lots of fun facts sprinkled throughout each video. 

Aaron Franklin is a great instructor and the way he talks about his passion for barbecue is infectious.

He tells stories about the people behind the businesses and shares anecdotes about his life growing up around food. He gives credit where credit is due and doesn’t shy away from sharing his mistakes along the way.

The course is a great investment if you want to perfect the art of barbecuing share this Aaron Franklin’s Masterclass course within your circle to experience more! 

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